Mountain Head

Mountain Head – Let It Out

Why care about how others see you? Put down the bag of rocks, you don’t have to carry it!

Let It Out” came about one day when we were jamming in the studio, with Kyle’s bassline holding it down. It’s basically about letting it all go, pertinent now as the entire world needs to Let It Out…

Watch the official “Let It Out” music video on YouTube – a nod to the lightheartedness of the song. We made the puppets Lyle & Zen as a means to make a fun music video from home during lockdown. We almost heard it as an adult Sesame Street, so we created a mini concept world, with the puppets to entertain us.

 There’s a warm haze to the song, like walking home reminiscing of the night you just had, or waking up in the morning with a quirky smile on your face. The chorus accumulates into a carefree free joy for just being alive.

 Let It Out, sincerely.

Mountain Head begins with the Hannah Brothers, and a mountain. The mysterious duo wandered through the wasteland and arrived at a mountain, which they scaled. At the top, they discovered a shaman who changed the brothers’ lives and way of thinking forever

Mountain Head – Let It Out

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