Motion Device

This is the fourth album from the DIY band who recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered the album by themselves in a studio that was completely crowdfunded by fans around the world. A total of $200K was raised by crowdfunding and gave the band the opportunity to release 4 albums and 50 songs since.

You may also be familiar with Motion Device for their viral cover videos (over 10 million views combined) from years past of Heaven & HellBlack SabbathIron MaidenDIO.

Canada’s Motion Device have a new music video out for their single “Blindfold It Away”. The single comes from their recent album, “Motion Device IV” (or ‘MDIV’ for short), which was released on September 4, 2020. This is the fourth album from the DIY band who recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered the album by themselves in a studio that was completely crowdfunded by fans around the world.

Motion Device says they owe their success so far to their fans and are extremely appreciative of their support through their careers. They expect that fans will enjoy the album and the music video that is being released. With a vision of taking fans on a journey, through their music, they encompass all emotions, happiness, sadness, joy, anger, excitement, “MDIV” is an emotional roller coaster that is easy to connect to. The band explains the single in their own words:

“The beginning riff was the very first piece of music that began the writing process for the album. Josh first recorded the guitar arrangement, then sent it to David and Andrea and before you knew it they were jamming it out together. It was also the song that set our vocalist Sara on a brand new path of lyrical writing that was the start of the most writing Sara had done on any album up to this point. Her lyrics and the band’s progressive sound can be heard throughout this new album and if there’s one song that encompasses who Motion Device is, this is it!”

From soft to heavy, slow to fast, dreamy to raw, the song is pure Motion Device! They have a ‘new school’ progressive rock sound while still keeping some classic metal vibes to it.

Diverse, and unique, Motion Device is the perfect addition to the collections of metal fans worldwide. They are especially recommended for fans of Evanescence, Alter Bridge, and Ozzy Osbourne.

The video for “Blindfold It Away” can be watched on YouTube.

The band’s new album “Motion Device IV” is available digitally on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon, physical CD at

Album Title: Motion Device IV
Release Date: September 4th, 2020
Label: Self-Release
Track Listing:
1. The Pill (0:38)
2. Blindfold It Away (5:13)
3. I’m Still Waiting (4:22)
4. No Control (5:05)
5. Unmonsterme (4:07)
6. The Lion Keeper (4:01)
7. Mary-Anne (4:52)
8. Warped (4:37)
9. Sweet Desire (4:34)
10. Intervention (3:10)
11. The Ocean Floor (5:56)
12. High Road (4:17)
13. Here4You (5:32)
14. Marching Home (5:08)
15. Bleeding Inside (4:43)
16. VOID (7:58)
Album Length: 1:14:16
Album Credits:
 All songs performed by: Motion Device
• All songs written by: Motion Device
• Produced by: Motion Device
• Mixed by: Motion Device
• Mastered by: Motion Device
• Album Artwork by: Motion Device
• Member of SOCAN
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Track by Track explained by the band:

The Pill – MDIV begins with this intro, something to prepare the participants for what’s to come. This piano piece is to allow listeners to sink into the music that’s about to follow.

Blindfold It Away – This track was the first one we wrote for this album and is one of the more progressive ones. It’s hard-hitting and a rollercoaster throughout. The 7/8 time change in the bridge is a favorite within the album. It’s about hiding from the harsh truth of what society has become.

I’m Still Waiting – Just down and dirty blues can be one way to describe this song. With the addition of some dissonance within the chords, it does give this heavy-hitting blues song some modern tones. It’s actually about Eurydice speaking to Orpheus while she’s stuck in the underworld (a Greek mythology thing).

No Control – This is a perfect example of metal-oriented instruments accompanied by melodic vocals and piano. You can hear some of our influences within this track. It’s about addiction.

Unmonsterme – I believe this is one of the breakthrough tracks in MDIV. Nothing like anything that has been produced by Motion Device before and it falls within a modern/alternative genre. It was a joy watching how organically this song came together. It’s about our attachment to technology and how it has become an absolute necessity – kind of like a zombie needing blood.

The Lion Keeper – Almost didn’t make it on the album but ended up being a favourite. This track transformed quite a lot throughout the creation of MDIV. With the addition of new ideas and inspiration, this song slowly developed into the track it finally became on the album. It’s about being trapped and wanting to be set free.

Mary-Anne – This was initially composed entirely on electric guitar and we then added acoustic in the recording. Kind of a breakthrough for us. It’s a new sound for Motion Device and an additional layer within the album. You can hear some Tool influence here for sure. The song is about the price of fame.

Warped – A song with an Alice in Chains meets Black Sabbath vibe. Another down and dirty track that you can’t help but bang your head to. This one was completely composed on bass before everyone else jumped in.

Sweet Desire – A heavy minor ballad within the album. This is another track with many layers to it. A song about graduating from school and stepping into the ‘real world’ so to speak.

Intervention – An interlude within the album that has a kind of a trance feel to it. An instrumental completely written on keys. It’s more of a new age piece with a little bit of Pink Floyd influence.

The Ocean Floor – This song doesn’t follow a typical song structure that you might find on other tracks. With a soft instrumental beginning that builds into a heavy double bass ending this song constantly increases in intensity throughout. A song about carrying on and pushing forward when times are tough.

High Road – A major track that’s meant to be a feel-good song for listeners within the album. It’s about having confidence in yourself and the courage to make important yet difficult decisions.

Here4You – Another major, uplifting track that is emotional and moving throughout. In one word the song is about LOVE. A lot of Alter Bridge influence in this one.

Marching Home – A song that really captures our current sound. It’s about trying to get away from fiction (bullshit) and returning back to reality ‘home’. A music video coming for this one for sure!

Bleeding Inside – This is one of the softer yet powerful songs on the album originally written on piano. A relatable song for many today, people suffering through everyday life, family relations/expectations.

VOID – Just like MDIV starts with a short piano intro, we wanted the album to end with more of an epic, longer piece. ‘Void’ was a unanimous choice to be the final track. This one is also fairly different from anything we’ve done in the past. Very raw, heavy, and psychedelic with a long, soft outro. From Sara being stuck to her cell phone to her fleeing her confined space and ‘smelling the flowers’ so to speak, as seen in the debut music video from the MDIV album. Not quite sure what it all means, if anything at all – a lot of interpretation is left up to the listener on this one.

Motion Device – Blindfold It Away


Motion Device – VOID

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