Mother’s Green

Mother’s Green

MOTHER’S GREEN seeds where planted by singer/songwriter and visionary MARCH FOURTH. With 4 albums released since 2008 that include MOTHER’S GREEN self titled Album,SWIMMING IN THE SUN, each album embraces its own unique sound and musical journey. Headed to SxSW, and playing festivals and venues in Canada, Europe and the US, Mother’s Green embodies the true essence of rock, acoustic and transcending sounds. 

Inside the music of MOTHER’S GREEN you can experience deep passion with many levels of emotion from rocking hard to psychedelic grooves to ambient waves of feelings. Listeners can go on a journey of music that you can submerge your self into while huffing and puffing by the stereo or in the car on the way to the beach.

Mother’s Green – Observation For The Day

Mother’s Green – Reflecting Bad Vibes

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