Transylvanian Recordings
28 May 2021

Mosara is the perfect example of atavistic doom metal. Formed in Phoenix, Arizona also known as the Valley of the Sun, Mosara has used the region’s heat to forge a tapestry of angst throughout their music. 

Exploring their relationship with prog metal, and atmospheric sludge, Mosara has crafted yet another experimental effort in which the band’s collective agony is translated into something both nihilistic and tangible through dissonant soundscapes. Each song is a nightmare in the abyss, dragging the listener through caverns of inexplicable darkness and suffering.

Formed in its current state in 2018, members Tony Gallegos (vocals/guitar), Nikos Mixas (guitar/vocals), Kristoffer Reynolds (bass), and John Quin (Drums/vocals) have transcended both physical and metaphorical boundaries to craft an innovative sound that exists outside of the human consciousness that attempts to sabotage you of peace and rob you of the moment.

In the fall of 2020, Mosara began the recording process for their upcoming opus, their first full-length, self-titled album. Recorded and mixed and sans any recording software, the album is raw, authentic and heartfelt. Rather than being undone by the prospect of lack of technology, Mosara instead opened themselves up to the unidentifiable and nameless muse of sound.

Mosara – I Cain

Mosara – Clay and Iron

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