Monkey Mind

MONKEY MIND – single “Upheaval” from upcoming album “Breakdown”.

Monkey Mind was formed in Autumn 2016 in Nicosia, Cyprus by guitarist Andreas Georgiou and vocalist Christodoulos Pavlides who had previously coexisted on several different bands since 2009. With the last band Incognito, a fusion of English and Greek rock, facing difficulties and eventually being disbanded, they reached out to Berklee alumnus bassist and songwriter Christos Stylianides to join for the formation of a new solely English rock/hard rock/alternative band. Eventually, with the addition of drummer Doros Kyprianou, Monkey Mind was born.

Recordings, which had already began with the members of the previous band Incognito, continued and 3 songs were completed by the end of 2016. Single ‘Feel like Movin’ On’ was released and two more songs joined it to form the self-titled EP ‘Monkey Mind’.

After about a year of inactivity due to personal issues, the band got back together in summer of 2018 with bassist Chris T. replacing Christos who departed for personal/professional reasons.

They are currently in the process of releasing their debut full-length album ‘Breakdown’ which is expected in the first half of 2021.

Christodoulos Pavlides – Vocals/ Rhythm guitar
Andreas Georgiou – Lead Guitar
Christos Stylianides – Bass
Doros Foks – Drums

 In “Breakdown” is included the song “Upheaval”.

Monkey Mind – Upheaval

Monkey Mind – Feel like movin’ on

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