Monkey Intrusion

Monkey Intrusion

We are in love with rock music across so many genres and when we compose or perform  we catch ourself enjoying that special chord progression, sound melting, guitar riff or drum lick that tickles  our emotions and curiosity.

We are all from Trieste, a beautiful small city on the sea in the north east of Italy at the border with Slovenia. Marco Plesnicar (bass guitar) and Vincenzo Reina (guitar and voice) formed their first band back in school, already starting with songwriting. Playing our own music together with the covers we loved more was always important to us. Later in 2001 we founded a Prog Rock Band playing our own songs. In 2010 we founded the Monkey Intrusion when we met our lead singer  Enrico Goti, that added a more hard rock and grunge flavour to the band thanks to his powerful voice and guitar style and in 2021 our drummer Marco Bertoli joined, coming from the local metal and indie scene.

We are planning to find good rock venues in Europe and we are already working on new songs. After the first album in autumn, we wish to record a second soon. We are hungry.

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Monkey Intrusion – The Brighter Side

Monkey Intrusion – Life

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