Mondo Bear

Mondo Bear

Mondo Bear debut album H, as in Hollywood

About The Band

Mondo Bear is Heavy psychedelic rock band. As their influences would suggest, the band writes long, riff-heavy and driving atmospheric music, but still with a touch of pop-sensibility. The band makes music spanning from psychedelic jams to thoroughly composed songs.

Mondo Bear recently signed with the Oslo based record label High Ten, and released their first single on November 22th, 2019, followed by an another single and album in early 2020.

About the album:

H, as in Hollywood, The first album is a collection of the first songs we’ve written together that we thought sounded good enough for an album. It’s an amalgam of our different tastes in music. Most of the process was taking song ideas and adding some kind of ambience and atmosphere to the. Using different effects to carve out a sound that we felt happy with, and also finding some sort of driving feel or element to give the songs direction.

Lyrically it deals with ideas and thoughts about fame, crime and death. There’s that California connection we made because our lyrics at the time we wrote the album, seemed to orbit around concepts that are very present in the Calefornia/Hollywood mythos

Erik Skjaanes
Sondre Kotsbakk 
Anders Jordbrekk
Vebjørn Numme

Mondo Bear – Buzzy

Mondo Bear – Scandal

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