Molly Shuvani

Molly Shuvani

Molly Shuvani lightens the mood with her unique indie singer songwriter style of pop. A piano player at heart, the songs off her album The Space Between give off a purity in her passion for songwriting. You can feel the love and realness of these songs. “Spare Change” is our highlighted song from her LP release as it flows beautifully (as most of her songs do) while it gets you into a groove. Her power is in her vocals always. It’s the thing you become most attached to. You’ll find a lot of catchy hooks and choruses everywhere along with her heartfelt ballads. This album has everything an indie pop album should. 

About new song “We Are”

This is a LOVE SONG for The Tribe, featuring voice clips of some of the Tribe.

By tribe, I mean Family- but not by blood. I am deeply honored and grateful to be surrounded by people who have each others backs, without any expectations. My reflections take responsibility for their outward expressions of self and personal growth- and we love each other fiercely. Humanity is uniting in a big way, and this song reflects a sliver of my gratitude for those with which I get to walk this Earth.

Molly Shuvani – We Are (feat The Tribe)

Molly Shuvani – Brave

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