Mister Migraine

Mister Migraine

mister migraine

Mister Migraine Members: Scott Parsons – Guitarr Guy and Vocal man Will Smoot – Guitarr Dude and Vocal boy Steve Walker – Basemen and Vocal Lad Ben Lamb – Drummist and Percussinator Lee Jenkins- Song Bird and Vocal Honcho

Facebook is the social media HQ of Mister Migraine. We’ll be keeping that page up to date on our progress on new material as well as posting about shows and merchandise for anyone that is interested. If you want to book us, just send us a message, write on our wall, or personally contact any of the duders in the band. We like to play!

Mister Migraine – Fighting a Losing Battle

Mister Migraine – Modern Auschwitz

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Band location – Charleston West Virginia

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