Mimoza H

Mimoza H

Mimoza H

Mimoza H is a singer/music-maker originally from Kosovo, currently based in Montreal.

Instinctual and autodidact musician, she draws inspirations from personal and tumultuous life experiences influenced by the hardships of the constant moving and being on the road. In her words “I feel like I’ve lived about three lives thus far”.

Her debut EP “UPROOT” is an introspective journey of personal stories derivative of her Eastern European roots that resonate with the ever-changing human condition. The lyrical writing is abstract and image-driven, where the ‘stories’ convey a raw emotion enveloped in a wide sonic spectrum of organic sounds and subtle electronic beats; a blend of alternative pop/rock, elektrip-hop, and ethereal wave. At times sharp and eclectic, this is a timeless music experience fusing the reminiscent past with a mysterious and an avant-garde breeze.

Mimoza H draws tastes and influences from the likes of Björk, PJ Harvey, Dead Can Dance, Kate Bush, Nick Cave, Ana Calvi, Shannon Wright, St. Vincent, Lhasa de Sela, Portishead, Sigur Ros, Massive Attack, Icelandic and Southern Albanian music.


Well of Melodies

Here is what sparked the writing of this song:

“Well of Melodies is about an emotion I had experienced one sunny day spent on my rooftop. I was in a meditative state for a while and as my brain slowly started coming back to reality, I felt a strange fuzziness and a nostalgia about the importance of the Human-Environment relationship – to feel the well of love and be connected to each other and our surroundings. As reality hit, I thought how every single person should have the right to feel free of social and religious pressures and be closer to one another and as one with our environment. I believe nature should be our only religion.”

New Single – Winterlude

Somewhere between the moody winter and the freshness of early spring air lays WINTERLUDE; evoking our senses within that breathing space and time with an alien yet familiar emotional memory.

Thank you for listening. Enjoy and spread the love 

Mimoza H -Winterlude (featuring Jonathan Cayer on piano)


Mimoza H – Well of Melodies

Mimoza H – The Wild Woman

Mimoza H – Uproot EP Album Preview

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