Artist: Metalwings
Title: A Whole New Land
Format:  CD/Digital
Independent Release

Metalwings – a band from Bulgaria that managed to draw attention to over 28 million musical fans on YouTube with their song “Crying of the Sun”.

Metalwings is a symphonic/gothic metal band from Bulgaria, formed by the classically trained vocalist and songwriter Stela Atanasova in 2010.

Metalwings is an unqiue combination of angelic vocals, heavy guitars, powerful symphonic parts and the gentle sound of viola.

For the last ten years the band has played on many gigs and participated in many festivals in Bulgaria. Here are some of the most significant moments of the band so far:

In 2015 the band showed the world that music that is highly appreciated by millions of people all over the world can be produced in Bulgaria with their beautiful and epic official video of the song Crying of the Sun.

On May 12, 2016 Metalwings released their first EP – “Fallen Angel in the Hell”.

In this EP the band presented four masterly composed songs – Fallen Angel in the Hell, Slaves of the Night, Ship of Shadows and Immortal Metal Wings. The song Crying of the Sun which was released as a single in 2012 was featured in the EP as a bonus track.

On 27th April 2017 Metalwings released their second official video for the song “Fallen Angel in the Hell”.

On 19th April 2018 Metalwings released their first studio album called “For All Beyond”.

In this album the band presents 10 masterly composed songs – End of the War; Secret Town; Immortal Metal Wings; When We Pray; A Wish; There’s no Time; For All Beyond; Realm of Dreams; one song in Bulgarian called “Tujni Serza“ and “For All Beyond” (Orchestral Version).  The album will also include Fallen Angel in the Hell as a bonus track in a new arrangement; Fallen Angel in the Hell (Instrumental version) and For All Beyond (Orchestral version).

The Orchestral part of the lead song of the album “For All Beyond is performed by Sofia Session Orchestra, conducted by Lyubomir Denev.

On 1st Movember 2018 METALWINGS released their third official music video, this time for the song “For All Beyond”.

In the beginning of March 2019 METALWINGS joined European tour of Imperial Age for some shows in Austria and Romania. METALWINGS played also as a special guest at Bucovina concert in Brasov.

On December 23th, 2020, METALWINGS released their brand new single “Monster in the Mirror”! The single is mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios. “Monster in the Mirror” is the first single taken from METALWINGS upcoming album.

On 13th March, 2021, METALWINGS released the official video for “Monster in the Mirror”!

METALWINGS will release their second studio album “A Whole New Land” on June 11, 2021.

The album is mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden.  Sound Assistant Linus Corneliusson at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden.

All Music and Lyrics by Stela Atanasova. Arrangements by METALWINGS. All Choir and orchestra arrangements by Stela Atanasova.


Stela Atanasova – Operatic Vocals, Electric Viola, Keyboards
Grigor Kostadinov – Guitars
Vlad Enev – Bass
Angel Kitanov – Keyboards
Nikola “Blackie” Ivanov – Drums


1 – A Whole New Land
2 – Monster In The Mirror
3 – Like A Willow Without Tears
4 – I See Your Power
5 – Silence
6 – Still Believe In Us
7 – Killer Of The Angel’s Love
8 – Wonders Of Life
9 – Passengers Between The Rails Of Life
10 – Second Chance
11 – Milo Moe Libe


Band: Metalwings
Album title: ‘A Whole New Land’
Releasedate: June 11th 2021
Independent Release
Presscontact: Mike de Coene at Hard Life Promotion

METALWINGS – Monster in the Mirror

METALWINGS – Still Believe in Us

METALWINGS – For All Beyond feat, Max Morton

METALWINGS – Slaves of the Night

Band location – Sofia Bulgaria
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