Message from Rockstar Physiotherapist and Performing Arts Medicine specialist Anna Achimowicz

Message from Rockstar Physiotherapist and Performing Arts Medicine specialist Anna Achimowicz to Music & Entertainement Industry

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Fellow Entertainement Industry Professionals,

Artists did you know that your Health & Wellbeing starts with You?! Yes, It starts with You! Share this with your record label, touring manager, booker, label or sponsor. And especially to your fellow known and liked music bands and stage performers. Because your health comes first. I want to work with you to support and help your health on Tour, music video sets and in your downtime as your projects develop. Have a great fun creative time, but also have successful and consistent results building your health success together.

Message from Head Rockstar Physiotherapist and Performing Arts Medicine specialist Anna Achimowicz:

Musicians, Artist, Performers: Speak up for yourselves and Your health! It’s not the managers deciding your wellbeing, it’s only promoters, bookers, venues, compagnies, sponsors and finally managers themselves profiting from your hard work. Next to your gear and equipment, transport, and comfortable accommodation , Your health is at the Top of the essentials.

Talk about your health needs, speak up about the fact you’re in pain or already injured and need a specialist to help you consistently on your career path. If your body and main instrument gives in, theres no replacement guitar or back line to help you on show time. Demand professional medical support on your concert tours and events. Trust me it’s not a money issue, it’s a priority and decision call. Your health comes First. And everybody should be aware of it. In todays touring world as we observed, if a perfomer goes down because of their health issue, the whole chain reaction of the industry around the artist collapses.

Let’s break the dysfunctional cycle of ‘doing things’ the old and routine way Together. And that’s exactly why I’m here.

A health expert. A stage professional. An innovator with tools and practical experience to back it up. A woman with over 23 years of performing arts industry experience.

Trust me. I’m the World’s 1st Go-To Physiotherapist for Rockstars 😎🤘 The 22nd Century of Medicine for the Arts is here!  And I would love to work with you! Anna Achimowicz


Be sure to share and spread the world to everyone that can benefit from work. Thank You!

Individual Physiotherapy for Rockstars consultations – Available on Request  365 days a Year/ Spots limited upon scheduled booking.

Promotional appearances by Anna Achimowicz with Anna’s Activation Method medical, training and treatment services, also Upon Request.

Medical Endorsement, Custom made Rockin Physio on Tour Support and more.

‘Body Management for METAL bass/guitar/drum players” clinic/seminar series by and with Anna Achimowicz and Performing Arts Medicine for your venue, music store, trade fair, festival or hotel available for 2023/2024

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