Megalodon Fried Rice

Megalodon Fried Rice – ‘Bishop John’
(Released December 2nd 2022)

Though Manchester is a city known for being a creative hotbed, its focus falls mainly on the plethora of cookie cutter indie bands that clog up the venues citywide, from the Northern Quarter to the Oxford Road corridor.As such it’s rare that light is shone on the real creatives, those who dare to step outside of the pigeonhole Manchester has created for itself.

Megalodon Fried Rice are one such band. The self-styled post-‘80s acoustic hip-hop trance trio from South Manchester defy genre as much as they subvert expectation. Harbouring tripped-out punk aggression and a firmly tongue-in-cheek approach to their craft, their unlike anything Manchester has spawned before.

The first taste of the band comes in the form of ‘Bishop John’ the explicit lead single of their forthcoming debut EP, it’s an explicit and  psychedelic descent into post-punk psychosis and not one for the faint-hearted. Combining elements of spoken word, psychedelia and punk, the trio are an acquired taste for sure, but those that acquire it will find themselves going back for more and more.

And fortunately, there’s more to come, ‘Bishop John’ is a precursor to a further two tracks on the EP in the form of ‘Edank’ and ‘Toasted Toenails, so while the descent into madness might not be a comfortable one, at least there’s plenty of music to soundtrack it.

Megalodon Fried Rice are:

Seb Brierley: guitar, vocals
Joe Whiting: guitar, vocals
Conor Malamed: drums

Megalodon Fried Rice – Toasted Toenails

Megalodon Fried Rice – Edank

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