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Meat Train was formed in 2011 as a collaboration to create music with a heavy British sound and a huge appreciation of horror. Originally a recording project between founder Mike “screamer” Pearson and Chas Fenoughty – Meat Train was formed with a vision to create heavy, chugging, riff-based, grinding death with vocals that are a break from the norm.

When Mike – previously of Reign and Winter of Torment – decided he wanted to form something new he turned to an old friend and previous bandmate from Liquefied Skeleton, Chas, the one time bass player of Thus Defiled.

The thing that both guitarists agreed on straight away was that a decent heavy band needs a powerful rhythm section, determined to get it right they turned to old mates to find the right people.

Long-time friend and dirty bottom end pounder Iki was an easy and obvious choice, with a dirty sound and a powerful tone that ensures her bass is felt and not ignored! Swapping between a detuned 5-string and a punchy 4-string Iki provides the balls and the groove!

After some gentle coaxing the band was able to get Stuart Songhurst previously of Epitome and Thus Defiled to bring his massive sound and outrageous double-kick to the party. Giving Meat Train the power to deliver the blast based shit-storm that is so close to all their hearts.

Mike Pearson
Chas Fenoughty
Iki Dredgewood
Stuart Songhurst

Random Acts Of Carnage

With the September 29th release date of new album Random Acts Of Carnagedrawing inexorably closer, the band have decided to whet their disciples’ appetite for fresh flesh with a new teaser video clip – another hint of the horrors to be unveiled – and reveal the full track listing of the album!

When Contagion Records set Random Acts Of Carnage free from its cage, to ravage the world, these are the eleven merciless monsters that will be heading your way…

  1. Random Acts Of Carnage
  2. Handle With Caer
  3. Eat Or Be Eaten
  4. Redneck Zombies
  5. Orchards Of Death
  6. Fear The Machine
  7. Stop Killing All The Whores
  8. Wolf
  9. Saviour
  10. Insubordinate
  11. Block 11


Meat Train – Random Acts Of Carnage album sampler 2

Meat Train – Flesh Made Man

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