Cloudscapes & Silhouettes (STREAMING)
ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Release: 17 November 2023

Mayfire Chronicles project is narrated through the heads of Mayfire’s vision and passion for songwriting and filmmaking. The ambition is: Epic -larger than life- audio/visual story-driven experience, suited for the large scene experiences and future platforms like metaverse and VR etc. Modern, Melodic & Cinematic Metal. Inspired by artists like: Dream Theater, Ghost, Leperous, in flames and more. Inspired by visionaries like: James Cameron, Denis Villeneuve, George Lucas and more.

  • Debut full-length album by ground-breaking metal outfit MAYFIRE!
  • Released as Digipack CD, Orange / Black Splatter Vinyl limited to 300 copies worldwide and digital streaming/download format.
  • “Cloudscapes & Silhouettes” is released worldwide by ROAR! Rock of Angels Records (Grave Digger, Mystic Prophecy, Ashes of Ares, etc.).
  • Written and produced by MJX / RD
  • Recording studio: Mayfire Studios
  • Mix & Mastering by EKF at W5 studio
  • Featuring Baard Kolstad of Leprous, EKF and ØBB
  • Artwork: Mayfire


Track list:

  1. The Fall
  2. City of Ruins
  3. Shadows (featuring Baard Kolstad of Leprous)
  4. Cloudscapes & Silhouettes
  5. Thicker Than Water
  6. A Sense of Purpose
  7. Vinternatt
  8. Fearless
  9. The Age of Kings

Mayfire – Shadows

Mayfire – Uncover the Secrets of Mayfire Chronicles

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