Max Enix – Far From Home

Max Enix – Far From Home

MAX ENIX – album “Far  From Home” (Wormholedeath)

CD 1
1 The End of An Era 4.12min
2 Tears of Earth 7.49min
3 City of Mortals 10.16min
4 Prayer of the Gods 10.32min
5 In this Forgotten Paradise 13.49min
6 An Illusional Kiss 9.45min
7 The Dark and Bright Tunnel 11.31min
8 The Forsaken Ocean 12.04min

9 Childhood Emotions 3.21min
10 The Broken
 Face 13.15min
11 Beyond my Blood 11.40min
12 Mirrors of Time 11.16min
13 Angels of the Apocalyptic Storm 13.34min
14 Far From Home 26.38min

Max Enix’s “Far From Home” is a remarkable release that transcends the boundaries of musical genres, offering listeners an immersive and profound experience that stretches over two captivating discs. Enix’s prowess as a singer-songwriter, composer, and producer shines brilliantly in this ambitious double album.

The journey commences with “The End Of An Era,” an enchanting opening track that sets the tone for the musical voyage that lies ahead. And by that, I mean it instantly gives the impression that this won’t just one of the usual metal releases. The monk-like chant, reminiscent of the haunting Mongolian singing style of The Hu, instantly grabs the listener’s attention and invites them into a world of sonic wonder.

“Far From Home” defies conventional categorization, masterfully weaving together a tapestry of influences that span progressive metal, alternative rock, new age, jazz, and even surprising bursts of hip-hop elements. Enix’s ability to seamlessly blend these diverse elements is a testament to his compositional prowess and artistic vision.

One of the album’s defining strengths lies in its collaborations with an array of special guests, each contributing their unique touch to the final masterpiece. Renowned figures such as Fabio Lione, Tom Englund, Michael Romeo and Dan Swano lend their talents, infusing the album with a rich variety of perspectives that enrich its sonic landscape.

However, it is the unexpected appearance of Niklas Kvarforth, known for his work with the band Shining that leaves an indelible mark on the album. In “Angels of The Apocalyptic Storm,” Kvarforth’s chilling performance adds a sinister grandeur, creating a stunning contrast against the symphonic background and progressive metal elements. This track emerges as a standout moment, showcasing Enix’s ability to craft intense and unforgettable musical experiences.

“Far From Home” also exhibits Enix’s versatility as he ventures into uncharted territories. “City of Mortals” is a prime example, where jazz and blues influences intermingle seamlessly with progressive metal, creating a multifaceted composition that is as innovative as it is satisfying. Enix’s ability to maintain a delicate balance between these contrasting elements is a testament to his craftsmanship.

Noteworthy and a key element of the album is the collaboration with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, which adds a whole other layer of complexity to the compositions. So, along with all the other influences and ideas, the album has, also, a symphonic layer that spans over the whole album, contributing to the feeling of grandeur, while adding elegant and powerful melodic lines and passages.

Even though it is complex as complex goes, “Far From Home” presents a cohesive narrative that unites the tracks into a collective journey. The album’s extended duration, spanning nearly three hours, never feels cumbersome due to the abundance of musical ideas that keep the listener engaged from start to finish.

In essence, “Far From Home” is an immersive adventure that beckons listeners to explore its intricacies, emotions, and textures. Max Enix’s ability to traverse a multitude of genres and moods, while maintaining a sense of unity and purpose, is a testament to his artistry. Whether you are a fan of progressive metal, symphonic orchestration, or simply crave a musical odyssey that defies expectations, “Far From Home” is a must-listen experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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