Matt Mays

Matt Mays

“I think if a song has meaning and is played with heart it can be done in
a million different styles, tempos, time signatures, and colours.” 
– Matt Mays regarding Twice Upon A Hell of a Time…

Matt Mays unveils “Drive On,” the second single from his forthcoming record Twice Upon a Hell of a Time… 

Twice Upon… is a full acoustic re-imagining of last year’s rock record Once Upon a Hell of a Time… and is presented in stark, stripped-down contrast to its predecessor. To inspire the newest incarnation of “Drive On” for this companion piece album, Mays set his sights on England and channeled Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra.

“I’m a big ELO fan and I always wanted ELO to do more of a twangier, country record. It’s been my ultimate fantasy. I knew that was never going to happen, so I kinda tried to do an ELO type twangier tune about driving away from your problems and peacing out,” says Mays. “Plus, a friend of mine always makes fun of me saying that all of my songs are the same three chords over and over…E-minor, C, and G. So, I wrote this one for him, which is E-minor, C, and G, mostly just to piss him off.”


01. Trust Life
02. Sentimental Sins
03. Faint Of Heart
04. Drive On
05. Howl At The Night
06. NYC Girls
07. Dark Promises
08. Perfectly Wasted
09. Drunken Angels
10. Ola Volo
11. 78s 33s 45s
12. Station Out Of Range
13. Never Say Never

The recording sessions for Twice Upon a Hell of a Time… came amidst a particularly busy time for Matt Mays. During a period in which he headlined his first Massey Hall concert and supported sold-out shows with The Gaslight Anthem all over North America, Matt teamed up with co-producer Eric Ratz to record at studios around Toronto between touring commitments.

The acoustic companion piece was originally conceived as a straight-up solo interpretation, similar to the iTunes Session recorded with Ratz in 2011. As the songs took shape, however, Matt decided to incorporate extra vocals and instrumentation. Tapping musicians Aaron Goldstein (Daniel Romano, Lee Harvey Osmond) on pedal steel, Anthony Carone (Arkells) on piano, and guest singers Andrew Rodriguez, Kate Dyke, and Melissa Payne, the album’s arrangements are lush and large without straying from the ‘unplugged’ vibe he sought from the outset.

Twice Upon A Hell of a Time… is available Friday, October 19 via Sonic Records.

Matt Mays – Drive On

Matt Mays – NYC Girls

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