Marty Venus – You Destroy You

Marty Venus – You Destroy You

You Destroy You is an Independent release available through
all online stores and through Marty Venus’ socials from 7th October


  1. (Makes Me Feel) Alive – feat. Adam Chambers
  2. Breaking Sounds – feat. Richie Hevanz
  3. Ruined Fantasy – feat. Maria Verhelst
  4. Desire – feat. Leandro Bastos singer
  5. Nothing in Common – feat. Atashi Tada
  6. You Destroy You – feat. Maria Verhelst
  7. Burn Down Your Fear – feat. Daniel Lawrence & Ben Skingley (guitar solo 2)
  8. Who’s To Blame? – feat. Aman Virdi
  9. Grey Fox – feat. Flash Roxx Sawyer Trophies of man
  10. Snake Eater – feat. Shona Ferguson (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater main theme Cover) (Jack Cox on Bass)

Marty Venus is a British guitarist hailing from Watford, Hertfordshire. Having first picked up a guitar at the tender age of six, and joining his first band at eleven, he is most notably known for his role in hard rock band The Wicked Jackals (formerly Guns Of Anarchy) from 2013 to 2021.

Having honed his skills from playing with various bands and on several projects, he has shared the stage with the likes of Warrior Soul, Chris Holmes (ex-W.A.S.P), Jizzy Pearl (Love/Hate), Guns 2 Roses, Meansteed, Damn Dice, New Device, Beth Blade, Saints of Sin, Bulletproof Rose, Stop Stop!, Tequila Mockingbyrd and many more.

October 2022 sees the release of Marty’s debut solo album ‘You Destroy You’ with a launch party set for Sat 8th Oct at The Flag/ O’Neils Watford (click here for more info). I was very fortunate to get an advanced copy of the album (cheers Marty) and here are my thoughts:

The album begins with the formidable ‘(Makes Me Feel) Alive’. The opening riff and pounding drums introduce this groove driven track. With superb guest vocals from Adam Chambers, this is a great opening number that wets the appetite for what is to come. ‘Breaking Sounds’ soon follows, this time vocal duties are performed by Richie Hevanz of Sheffield rock band Misery’s Smile. ‘Breaking Sounds’ is quite a positive song with a beautiful mid-section refrain and an outstanding guitar solo. What more could you want? Changing gears slightly next with a more traditional rocker in the form of ‘Ruined Fantasy’, this time the wonderful Maria Verhelst (Touch The Fist) is on vocals. ‘Ruined Fantasy’ has a fist (pardon the pun) in the air chorus which I can see fans shouting along to when this is played live.

The more urgent ‘Desire’ is a solid track that hits hard and heavy especially in the chorus, Leandro Bastos singing “When I’m with you it burns like fire, possessed by desire”… simply brilliant. Riff heaven next as ‘Nothing In Common’ takes centre-stage. I love Marty’s ability to surprise us with his awesome melodic guitar bursts. Elysian Divide’s  Atashi Tada taking on the vocals to real dramatic effect.

Title track ‘You Destroy You’ is a real gem. This is by far the stand out track on album. Almost 7 minutes of power ballad metal at its best. With gorgeous vocals from Maria Verhelst, some amazing guitar work throughout and a blissful solo to send goosebumps all over your body, ‘You Destroy You’ is outstanding. A very accomplished track that should be heard.

‘Burn Down Your Fear’ featuring Daniel Lawrence & Ben Skingley return us to the rockier side of things. There’s some serious shredding going on here. ‘Who’s To Blame’ is quite a dark and desperate song with excellent vocals from Aman Virdi “You had your wings clipped before you could fly”. Another brilliant guitar solo to feed that hunger.

Get ready to be thumped in the face with the pure energy of ‘Grey Fox’ as this powerhouse of a track erupts. This time Flash Roxx Sawyer impresses on vocals and it’s the perfect match. ‘Grey Fox’ is ‘that’ song on the album, the one that you will love, but not sure why. It is a great number that has balls and delivers. Oh, and watch out for that amazing solo at the end.

Last track is a cover of the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater main theme ‘Snake Eater’. This version has definitely been given the Bond theme treatment with Shona Ferguson on vocals. It is both powerful and romantic and highlights yet another area where Marty Venus excels.

‘You Destroy You’ is a pretty damned accomplished record that has some wonderful tracks, and some seriously excellent tracks on it. It has delivered a few (pleasant) surprises, with a few curve balls thrown in along the way. It shows that Marty Venus means business and it is an album that I will play again and again. I really am impressed with this album, I think you will be too.

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