Mark Ruebery

Mark Ruebery
Released 03.10.22
Label: Independant

Mark Ruebery is back with the perfect Valentine’s Day song, HEARTFELT

Michael Douglas said that the first time he saw Catherine Zeta Jones it was love – but, do you believe in love at first sight? One man that certainly does is Newport singer-songwriter Mark Ruebery and his new single Heartfelt is all about this amazing experience.

Taken from his forthcoming EP, Heartfelt is a song that we can all relate to – and you know it’s true

Working with producer Tim Hamill at his Sonic one Studios, Mark has once again delivered a fantastic collection of songs to set the charts alight. Take a listen for yourself

Q and A with Mark Ruebery

So Mark what about yourself? Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

Definitely, but unfortunately it hasn’t worked out for me yet. It is hard with my lifestyle. I am always on the road, travelling the world but it puts a lot of pressure on my relationships as you will hear on my new EP ‘Getaway’.. But these stories give me hope and you never know what is around the corner.

I did see photos of Catherine Zeta Jones over the weekend on instagram of their beautiful family dancing. Just wonderful. Now apparently when they first met Michael Douglas said it was love at first sight and he just knew. He said he was going to be the father of her children and well the rest is history.


Is the song heartfelt about a true story?

Yes. When we were just 18, me and my friends went on holiday to France. On the first night, one of my friends saw a girl on the other side of the campsite bar and said ‘there she is, she is the one’. Of course we all laughed, but despite the fact they spoke different languages and lived in different countries they are now married and live happily in Wales with two children. He was right after all and this song is about them.


How did the idea come to you?

As with most of my songs, the music comes first and mainly from an acoustic guitar. I was away working on ship and sometimes when I arrive the guitar is out of tune form the travel. I remember the top E string being detuned to a D and it surprisingly sounded good, so I kept playing and ended up with this dreamy arpeggio guitar part that drives the song. The rest soon followed.


Do you think love at first sight is a real thing?

I believe so for many people. I read some statistics recently – Nearly 34% of people claim they have experienced love at first sight 41% of men 29% of women. And It’s a nice thought in a world where there’s so many break ups. But you still gotta work hard for it!


Have your written any other songs about love on forthcoming new ep?

I’ve written about being in love and it not working out, but always wanting to be there for that person. I couldn’t say it to her so I put it in a song. My last single was an upbeat summer song about Getting away from the struggles of day to day life. There’s also one about that moment you’re in love and you just want to shut out the world and make the world wait. All heartfelt stuff.


What’s next for you, more love and music?

Well, I’m still working on the love part, but my new ep will be out early next year so I’m looking forward to finally being able to share that with everyone.

Mark Ruebery – Heartfelt

Mark Ruebery – Get Away

Mark Ruebery – Her Smile

Mark Ruebery – It Goes and Comes Around

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