Manukeen is a Pop Rock artist, Author, Composer and Performer, from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region.

Pop, rock and song, after having been part of the group Lifelyxir for several years, after 2 albums written and composed, 3 clips, 150 concerts, the support of the media (France Blue, NRJ, Rock One, France 3 , Wéo) and premieres (Michael Jones, Festimusic: Joyce Jonathan, Quentin Mosimann) he decides to launch himself as a solo artist: “Manukeen”
In 2012 he produces, composes and writes EP 3 titles “French is Dead” in a Power / Pop / Rock universe (influences: Muse / 30 seconds to march / My Chemical Romance / Sum 41 / @ Lille / Master @ Sterling Sound New York) Thanks to the support of the public live and on the net, he leaves in the studio the same year with the same team. Following the numerous supporters of fans on social networks, he decided to propose to them to finance on Ulule the release of his first album on CD Digipack 11 titles. Internet users preorder this album in the whole of France and Belgium, thanks to it, it also turns 2 clips on the site of Wallers Arenberg, where was filmed the famous film “Germinal”.

Thanks to the support of the fans that Manukeen calls “the Angels”, the album “All the colors of rock” was released in CD digipack limited edition on October 21, 2013 and meets an indie success. The first official clip “So far gone” was released on the web in March 2014 (27,500 views) and the 2nd official Bonus clip “Do not know why” in May 2014 (13,500 views).

Several dates of concerts in ticketing have emerged, from the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region to Picardy where the public has responded.

Following this success, Manukeen proposed to Internet users / supporters to finance this time entirely the recording and release of his new EP: “Love & Fight”. The latter was supported at 231% or about 5,000 euros, released May 13, 2015, during a special live evening at the Theater de Poche in Bethune. Two clips were released: “Grow up” (June 2015) and “Miss you” (September 2015). The latter is made entirely from the amateur videos of the supports sent from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

The promotion of the opus of Manukeen was supported by Virgin Radio France, France blue, NRJ Valenciennes / Littoral / Lille, GRANDLILLE TV, WEO, FM Channel, Chérie FM and many TVS, radios, web and local presses. On June 19, 2014, “So far gone” is the favorite of Christophe Beaugrand and is broadcast on Virgin Radio France, but also twice on the show “Le Lab virgin Radio France”.

In September 2015, he created his own Associative Label W2A Productions (We are Angels Productions) with a participative character made up of members from different regions.

On February 26, 2016, Manukeen is invited with his musicians to the stage of Pasino de Saint Amand the waters to ensure the first part of COCK ROBIN.

Accompanied by 4 professional musicians or in Solo, Manukeen offers a live show in electric or acoustic version.

Manukeen – Modern Day Hero – Birth

ManukeenMiss You


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