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Madness Lane

Madness Lane

Madness Lane is a metal band formed in Cosenza in 2014 by the encounter between singer and guitarist Francesco Mazzulla, guitarist Luigi Rovito and drummer Umberto Russo.

The founding members shared and still share a great passion for metal music. The music project started with the composition of several songs, but for various reasons, the singer and guitarist Francesco Mazzulla had to leave the band for a short time. The project went on only with Luigi Rovito and Umberto Russo, who after various alterations of other components decided to bring together the initial training in June 2015.

There are 8 unpublished titles within two months: “Happydemia”, “Concealed”, “What you hit before”, “Still broken”, “Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde”, “Judgment Day” and “Regretful”. In January 2016, with the entry of bassist Christian Lipodio in formation, there are another 2 unpublished: “War crimes” and “Fire away”. In March 2016 they made their live debut on stage at the Irish Pub “James Joyce” in Cosenza. Subsequently, in the same month, the singer Franco Cortese joins the band, replacing the previous singer Francesco Mazzulla, who is still guitarist and second vocalist, and debut with the new formation on the stage of Plaza Cafè in Rende.

They are currently working in the studio to record their first unpublished album and schedule different live dates. They have unpublished assets and other ideas.

The name of the band, which literally means “path of madness”, derives from the common thought that to reach genius, very often, you walk the path of madness; Very recurring theme in many of their texts.

The genre of the band comes from the various influences of the various components including alternative-metal, hard-rock, progressive-metal, thrash-metal and heavy-metal. Consequently, the main exponents of the above-mentioned genes are taken as a reference. The songs are mostly characterized by heavy-metal sounds (with aggressive rhythms, emphasis on distorted electric guitar as a melodic and rhythmic key instrument, “hammering” riffs) and various progressive mold time changes with signatures Unusual rhythms within the frame of the songs (although not lacking the usual strofa / ritornello / strofa structures). The virtuosity of the single instrumentalists, the low-space concession and the greater battery dynamics, have made it all possible to get married, without too much forcing, to the speed and power of heavy metal. Because of the importance of the instrumental component, most of the songs contain intermediate sections, in which one or more solo parts or instrumental parts in general follow. The songs generally have an average duration of 4-6 minutes.

Initially, the group’s music was co-written by Francesco and Luigi Other Rovito. With the entry of Christian Lipodio in band, the phase composition underwent new ideas. Francesco and Luigi Other Rovito also made most heads of first tracks, which are then revised and rearranged by Franco Cortese. Currently, all band members participate in the composition of songs from a business or starting from a basic idea that can be, for example, a guitar riff as well as a particular melody voice. The texts of their pieces speak mainly themes abstract, event details and bizarre, works Blast Site esoteric topics related madness, thinking in general and more, reaching even to touch the themes of hope, overcoming regret, pain and dependence.


Madness Lane – Still Broken

Madness Lane – What You Hit Before


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