Manchester’s Prog Metal outfit LUTE return with their third single Dead and Buried and Prog fans into acts such as Tool, Opeth and Mastodon will take delight.

The follow up to singles FEARS and Victims of The Fall, one person’s struggle to escape the Corporate machine against a backdrop of isolation and repetition is captured within LUTE’s 13 minute epic journey. 

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“A unique sound, a form of art, this band is a well oiled machine.” – All About The Rock

“Living proof that prog rock is not dead” – Bob Leggett LA Music Critic

Victims of The Fall is the second single from LUTE, a four piece progressive Rock/Metal band from Manchester. Following on from their debut single FEARS, it’s a tour de force for fans of Tool, Opeth, Mastodon and other heroes of the Prog genre.

LUTE are a four piece progressive Rock/Metal band who were formed in a DIY studio in South Manchester. Ed Truscott (founder member, songwriter and producer) transformed his unremarkable flat into musical cave of wonders and locked himself away for 3 and half years to sculpt and craft LUTE’s debut album, Learning Through Progression.

Taking influences from Prog heroes such as TOOL, Opeth, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Metallica, LUTE contrast heavy layered guitars and changing time signatures with soaring vocal harmonies and quiet acoustic moments to create a cinematic soundscape that brutalises then soothes. After playing in various bands, Ed decided the best way forward was to take on the mantle of progressive music and ‘do it himself’. After setting up his home studio, he wrote, recorded and produced ‘Learning Through Progression’, playing all the instruments.

The album explores the daily routine of a 9 to 5 life, the anxieties it brings and the ongoing desire to break out. We’ve all been there – a faceless worker in a faceless office, stuck in an endless cycle of repetition, an identical day turning into an identical week… Learning Through Progression refuses to accept this way of life and longs to break away from this routine and battle the stresses and worries that it brings.

By the beginning of 2011 the album was complete and ready to share it with the world, Ed set about enlisting like minded musicians to help him bring the music to life on stage. Within a few months the line up was complete and LUTE spent the summer rehearsing. By autumn 2011, the band were ready to embark onto the live scene.

After gigging throughout 2012, the line up disbanded but after a two year hiatus Ed assembled a new live band. LUTE returned to the live stage in September 2015 with a new line up and have been gigging across Manchester and beyond over the last two years. As well as continuing to book further shows, LUTE are now writing and performing new songs for release in 2019! 

Ed Truscott – Guitars, Lead vocals
Marc Hatton – Guitars
Jacqueline Savickas – Bass, Backing Vocals
Baxendale – Drums

LUTE – Dead and Buried

LUTE – Victims of the Fall


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