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DIY Chaotic Creatives ‘Worm Hero’ and ‘Lure In’ Join Forces For A Split Record

In 2020 Worm Hero & Lure In made their marks in the United Kingdom’s underground Metal & Hardcore scenes – with Worm Hero’s mix of mathy avant-grind punk, as seen on releases such as “Eat It Up”, and Lure In’s constant genre-blending going from metalcore to ambient to drum & bass, all the way to shoegaze and post rock, as seen on releases such as “Subdued” and “Cynic / Agnostic”, and now in 2021 they’ve come together to create a split record. Both bands share one thing in mind, embrace chaotic creativity and reject genre normalities. This release is two bands throwing ideas and songs at a wall, to which you’d be hard-pressed to find anything similar in the UK’s current heavy music scene.

 The Worm Hero side of the split is heavily influenced by bands such as Some Girls, The Locust, and An Albatross. They take the noisy synth elements of bands such as Man is the Bastard and Holy Molar, added with sassy yells and cookie-monster growls, and put their own twist on it. The guitars are equal parts mathcore, such as SikTh, and grindcore – whereas the lyrical content at this time is taking a sometimes much more personal route on songs such as “Two Moons” and “The Sublime Art of Scissoring” whilst still evoking the surreal nature of the first LP.

 The Lure In side has influences from many different artists and styles ranging from the ambient stylings of Brian Eno for the opening track “Sustenance”, to then drop you right into the punishing lead single “Blue”, which is an intense mix of nu-metal akin to bands like Slipknot, The new school metalcore riffing of bands like Knocked Loose, the vocal deliveries of bands such as Daughters & The Dillinger Escape Plan, with an intense production that includes a sample from the late hyperpop artist Sophie. The next track “Alive” plays in the same ballpark as “Blue” but with the more nu-metal stylings brought down to introduce more shoegaze stylings of bands such as My Bloody Valentine & Deafheaven. The last song, which is a reprise of their last release “Agnostic” is a reimagined take of the song that’s part movie score and part video game ost.

 The future plan after this release for both bands is to do a UK tour alongside the Bristol-based mathcore band Vicarage in early October, to which the tour is currently being self-booked by members of Lure In & Vicarage, as well as both bands working towards their next releases.

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Lure In are by all accounts a chaotic metalcore band, influenced by metalcores 2nd wave and the modern crop of revival bands, with a side of genre blending depending on what story they want to tell & how they want to tell it.

The band was started in 2018 by vocalist Cameron Wilson & Jonny Barker (the bassist), they created an EP in Cameron’s room, & from there they progressed to be a full live band & putting out more & more music, with the current line up being:

Vocals – Cameron Wilson
Guitar – James Whittle
Guitar – Jake Coulson
Bass – Jonny Barker
Drums – Sammy Coker

Lure In – Blue

Lure In – Agnostic

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Band/Artist location – Manchester UK
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