Lost on the Metro

Lost on the Metro “Ramey Road” Single & Video

Lost on the Metro brings it to us with a wonderful gracefulness that comes from all performers on this track.

That track is called “Ramey Road” and it’s got a very rustic rock tone and can leave you taken by not only the singing, but the lyrics as well.

It’s quite outstanding to hear a track with such an in your face approach to it.

If you love blues rock with hints of garage and psychedelic rock in there, you’ll love this single.

“I was on a school field trip to Cahokia Mounds with high school students, and one of my students was a member of an Indigenous Nation. As we walked over this sacred land, she said at one point, “I could be walking on my ancestors.” It struck me hard in that moment thinking about how we all kind of walk on the graves of those who lived before us. Local city planners had built a neighborhood over this area in the 40s or 50s with a road cutting right through some of the mounds, and it made me reflect a lot on what we call progress and who decides what is sacred. How do we make up for what was done in the past? What are real steps we can take? All of that was going through my mind on the bus ride home and I penned the initial poem.  Then a few weeks later, all across Canada and the US, authorities started finding the bodies of thousands of babies under residential schools and that about broke me, so that also became part of the theme in the poem. I kept seeing videos on TikTok of Indigenous Nations bringing the babies home to rest and as a parent and a teacher, it hit hard.  It’s not an easy listening tune, it’s kinda heavy, but I love to sing it.”  – Jill (vocalist – Lost on the Metro)

Hey there! We are Lost on the Metro – a St. Louis-based trio!

We have been percolating in grunge, alternative folk, and multiple other genres of music for decades. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that we really found our “sound” and started sharing our story through our lyrics and melodies.  A fan of ours recently referred to us as, Rockcoustic. We like it and embrace it.

As late bloomers in most things in life and first-time parents in our 40’s, we have found ourselves with this renewed passion for making music together, and we are thrilled to announce the release of our latest album in Summer 2021!

We like to think of our music as this recipe we are constantly tweaking and perfecting – chunks and spoonfuls and dashes of every kind of music we grew up listening to. Percolating in our own issues, talents, and weaknesses, we each bring something special into the rehearsal space, and our music becomes this soothing blend of familiar experiences for people who have ever suffered grief or heartache and struggled to get through it. We hope our music touches you, helps you get through the moment or at least helps you know you aren’t alone.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, our music is a safe place to get lost and find yourself again. We can’t wait to share more with you!

Lost on the Metro – Ramey Road

Lost on the Metro – Bitter Kiss

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