LOLA’S NEWFANGLED ROCKERS – Lola’s newfangled rockers

LOLA’S NEWFANGLED ROCKERS – Lola’s newfangled rockers

LOLA’S NEWFANGLED ROCKERS – album “Lola’s newfangled rockers – 2022)

  1. Happy That You’ve Gone Away
  2. Stop This War
  3. Hole in My Heart
  4. I Will Rise Again
  5. Where the Warm Wing Blows
  6. The World Just Rocks
  7. Would You Remember Me
  8. Beyond the Reaper
  9. A Tisket a Tasket Boogie

Comprising nine tracks and clocking in at just 29 minutes, this album manages to pack a punch with its rich musicality and intriguing ideas. Each song on the album brings its own distinct style and approach to the rock genre, offering a refreshing take on the sound.

The album kicks off with “Happy That You’ve Gone Away,” setting the tone with a contemporary rock sound infused with ’70s influences. Lola’s Newfangled Rockers strike a perfect balance between classic rock vibes and a more modern edge, resulting in a vibrant musical experience. Similarly, “I Will Rise Again” exudes energy and liveliness while leaning more towards the rock sound of the 2000s.

Returning to their ’70s inspirations, “Beyond The Reaper” delivers a feel-good track that embraces the classic rock era. With a touch of essential Blue Oyster Cult vibes, this song captures a defining melody that keeps you hooked from start to finish, resulting in one of the best and in my opinion the most memorable song of the album.

I can’t go without mentioning two songs that really stood out for me and as it happens, both of them are of the ballad kind. The “Would You Remember Me” and my personal favorite, “Hole In My Heart,” are irresistibly catchy tunes. Their sing-along-worthy choruses, captivating vocal performances, and beautiful melodic lines make them instant favorites that will grab your attention from the very first listen.

In the closing lines of this review, I would like to refer to the album’s closing song, “A Tisket a Tasket Boogie”. The title gives out a lot already; the album closes in the most uplifting way with a boogie blues/rock track, with Lola’s Newfangled Rockers closing with a dancing track that will definitely make the audience move to its rhythm.

In conclusion, Lola’s Newfangled Rockers’ debut album is an excellent addition to the rock music landscape. Filled with memorable melodies, rock ‘n’ roll excitement, and powerful songs, this album is a must-listen for any rock enthusiast. Don’t let it slip under your radar—give it a spin and experience the magic for yourself.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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