Lightstring Eleven

Lightstring Eleven

Lightstring Eleven is the Hoffmann family band. We are a family of eleven talented artists and musicians on a musical journey. After many years of lessons and performances we have finally reached a point where we can bring those talents together to create something to share with the world. 

We hope you enjoy our love of music, love of family, and this crazy journey we are on to create something together.

Brooklynn – lead vocals, violin, bass, and keyboard.
Chloe’ – vocals, keyboard, guitar, cello, violin, mandolin
Joseph – drums, vocals, and guitar
Dallen – drums, percussion, vocals
Mara – guitar, keyboard, and vocals. ‘
Anderson – vocals, bass.
Nathan (Dad) – bass, guitar and percussion.
Mindy (Mom) – vocals and keyboard.

Coming soon…
Koen – interested in drums and vocals
Rhys – interested in drums
Brittyn – interested in guitar, violin, and drums

Lightstring Eleven – Set It All Free

Lightstring Eleven – No Such Thing As A Broken Heart

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Band location – Palm Coast Florida

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