Let The Wolves Speak

Let The Wolves Speak

Let The Wolves Speak is a five piece metal/metalcore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The band formed in 2015 with all of our similar beliefs, and passion for aggressive melodic music. With their message to aim for anyone who feels outcasted for individuality is to not make anyone in anyway feel alone, and to make those who should feel comfortable to be expressive.

In spring of 2016 Let The Wolves Speak went to record a single called “No Remorse” at Always Be Genius studios in Crown Point, Indiana. After That The band came back to Wisconsin and started to play shows around the Milwaukee Area, and started to grow Recognition.

In 2017 Let The Wolves Speak went to Kentucky and Missouri to record their first 4 song EP with engineer Jack Daniels From ‘Sick tones Studio”.

Let The Wolves Speak’s guitarist Alexander Centeno is endorsed by Moniker Guitars, Atlas Cabinets, Runway audio cables, and Walrus Audio. Let The Wolves Speak’s drummer Eric Payne is endorsed by SJC drums. Come to one of their shows and watch them utilize their favorite gear brands.

Let The Wolves Speak – Soul Purpose

Let The Wolves Speak – No Remorse

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