Profana From Blood Stained Dusk Joins Lenax As They Gear Up To Hit The Stage In 2023!

Blood Stained Dusk Drummer Profana Joins Lenax As They Gear Up To Hit The Stage In 2023!

The band made the following announcement:
” We have internally hit some band milestones that are getting us ever closer to hitting the stage later this year. For those who may have missed our updates, Lenax now is a full band! We also have our first gig booked for November this year in Nashville, TN. We have to keep details under wraps for now, as we are opening for a band that hasn’t announced their tour yet. For now I can say that we had our first full practice as a four piece, and I assure you the band sounds incredible!
A few months ago, I was on a radio program doing an interview with Zach Moonshine. In that interview I mentioned how the next step to playing live was looking for band members. One of the listeners of that show reached out to me, and became the first new person added to the band. Going by the stage name “Scarz”, he brings a fresh new approach to some of the existing material. In fact, we already fit some of his guitar work on an upcoming song for the EP!
 Not long after, I met a guy at a local show. We just were being social while waiting at a merch table to buy shirts from a band, hit it off, and traded information. It was a small world kind of moment. Not only did the random stranger I meet know Scarz personally, but all three of us were at last year’s Metal Devastation Festival. He joined the group as the bass player, going by the stage name The Silence.
 To bring things full circle, recently we were set to return to the same radio program. I was having a pre-show conversation with the drummer from Blood Stained Dusk. They are also playing the upcoming Metal Devastation Festival. We hit it off well, and he will be pulling double duty supporting Lenax as well! Truly, this band a collection of people that were all in the right place at the right time. Profana also works with special effects and makeup, including multiple seasons of The Walking Dead.
  Overall it has been an incredible month. Shrouded Sight is doing well on Spotify, but Inner Dimension still dominates our play numbers. Getting the full band up and running, having an amazing practice, and booking our first gig were all highlights worth celebrating. This still means some finishing touches are in progress for the EP. However, a short delay to ensure the songs represent the best we have to offer is more than acceptable. We will let you know as soon as this is ready to see the light of day! “
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Release Date: July 17, 2023
FFO: Storm Ritual, Obsidian Shrine, Blood Stained Dusk
Location: Nashville, TN

Lenax, a black metal band hailing from Nashville, started as a solo project led by frontman Venomous, but has since transformed into a formidable quartet ready to revolutionize the music scene. Their latest offering, the single ‘Shrouded Sight,’ invites listeners on an otherworldly voyage inspired by the works of Lovecraft.

Immersed in an atmospheric and ominous aura, this captivating track intertwines evocative lyrics with intricate instrumentation. ‘Shrouded Sight’ dares to challenge mortal understanding, delving into esoteric dimensions. It unravels the illusion of mortality and exposes the fallacy of false gods, summoning ancient entities that crescendo with the iconic invocation. Brace yourself for an immersive and haunting expedition that reshapes perceptions.

As the fourth release from this Nashville-based ensemble, ‘Shrouded Sight’ showcases a formidable array of metaphoric lyrical content and a resolute, unyielding sound. Lenax delivers an auditory arsenal that hits like a solid wall of sonic force.

Lenax – Shrouded Sight

Lenax – Inner Dimension

Lenax – Inner Dimension

Lenax – Of Greater Forces Promo

Lenax – Tyrants (Immortal Cover)

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