Lauren Alex Hooper

Lauren Alex Hooper

Back To Life is the fourth single from the Honest EP, the upward turn after a difficult period. Following on from Sounds Like Hope, which was cautious but hopeful, Back To Life is an explosion of relief and joy and colour – emphasized by the lively production. Written with Scott Colcombe, it was inspired by the moment when you realise that you’re finally able to let go of a traumatic experience that’s been weighing you down for a really long time, to the point where you don’t remember what it feels like not to carry it around with you. And then, suddenly, you’re just done processing it, that weight finally lifts, and you realise how much of your life it’s been taking up. It feels like a fresh start. It doesn’t magically solve everything, of course, but it is a moment to be celebrated and that’s what this song is: a celebration. Back To Life will be released on all platforms on 14th August 2020.

Lauren Alex Hooper – Sounds Like Hope

Lauren Alex Hooper – Clarity

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