Krista D

Krista D

Krista D was the name I began recording music under when I was around 14-15 years old.

The “D” was simply because my maiden name was Doucet.

I’ve kept the artist name as an allusion to the character Sandra Dee, from the movie Grease, with the intention of showing a life transition similar to the character. Originally the music I released was christian music but I’ve long since left that lifestyle.

Lyrically, the songs are mainly about womens’ issues and based on my own life experiences or about people I’ve met.

Genre-wise, the music is a mix of 50’s style, 3 part harmonies/doo-wop music, has some ska influence and is mixed with a bit of punk rock. Essentially an attempt to mix a perky sound with a bit of “fuck you”. Growing up in a strict religious household my main non-religious musical influences were from a radio show called Finkleman’s 45’s, so I attribute a lot of my musical tendencies to that.

The musical direction isn’t so much an attempt to be part of any particular genre, it’s more about wanting songs to have a certain mood or feeling. I have no actual musical background, and play no instrument with any real expertise, but it still doesn’t stop me from writing trumpet, sax or tuba parts.

How I write: I only write if a song jumps into my head and I hear it with words and melody. I write the lyrics down and record myself singing the song a cappella exactly how I’m “hearing” it.

Lyrically, the words are probably a subconscious, automatic result of strong feelings about an experience. I try to avoid dry “force writing” as much as possible. ( trying to mentally contrive a song instead of emotionally expressing something)

To get things out of my head: I hire or work with musicians who are intuitive and very considerate of what I’m trying to achieve and who allow me to somewhat direct the feel of a song, which is mostly all I ever care about. I also love when they take creative freedom on their instrument and contribute something amazing that I couldn’t have imagined on my own. Things just get honed and tweaked from there.

I’m very active as a visual artist and have 3 aliases I create under, just as I have 3 musical projects I create under. I do this because I am very eclectic style-wise and it made more sense to compartmentalize my projects.

Krista D – Land Mine

Krista D – Run Jane Run

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