KOSMONAUTS release ‘Mr Nice Guy’  October 9th

KOSMONAUTS are at the forefront of an ever strong musical scene hailing from Manchester, consisting of Rob Snarr (Vocals), Jake Pendlebury (Guitar), Callum Hollingsworth (Bass) and Dean Chadwick  (Drums). Three (Dean, Rob and Callum) met originally through a website ‘Join my band’ so it could be said the modern day way for a band to meet, later bringing Jake into the band after Callum and Dean became friends with him at University. Since the release of their debut single back in 2017 the band have created an inimitable sound that is original and unmistakably theirs. Their blend of heartfelt, real-talk song writing, delicately crafted melodies and euphorically delivered energy has taken them through the roof and into orbit time and time again. KOSMONAUTS have had an incredible past couple years comprising of a heavy mix of sold out shows/ festivals and supporting shows.

Everybody knows a Mr Nice Guy, one of those people who has built a perception of them selfs that is definitely not what they are, they’ve been there, done that, got the T shirt. There obnoxious know it all but they somehow manage to make you think there great, if anything it’s a skill! There manipulative yet understanding, they lie but in a truthful way, there never wrong EVER, they think they have fooled us, more fool them. We see right through them and we know the truth. It’s only natural that sometimes you can disagree, it’s ok, you lie about a small thing it becomes a big thing! We don’t need it, we don’t want it.

Their upcoming single ‘Mr Nice Guy’ is to be released on Friday 9th October. ‘Mr Nice Guy’ shows the band going towards a poppier and more radio friendly sound. The record was recorded at Edge studios by Mark Winterburn (Plan B, James Aurther and Cassia) and mastered by Sam Bloor (Blanket, Moral Slip and Clay Lake)



Band/Artist location – Manchester England
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