On April 6th 2018, Sludgelord Records will release Crown of Horns by Kolossor.

The band commented about the release “It is a great honor to align ourselves with Sludgelord Records. Aaron has played an integral part in helping many bands to be seen and heard, and we share his vision and enthusiasm in taking the next logical step with his new label. We look forward with great anticipation to the release of our debut album, as it has been a lengthy but steady creation process. As the time approaches, we find ourselves proud of the creature that we’ve spawned, the sonic embodiment of the KOLOSSOR we imagined when this began.

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About Kolossor:

Hailing from the primordial cedar swamps of southern New Jersey, Kolossor has arisen to bludgeon all who bear witness to its power. Featuring former members of Philadelphia based sludge metal and doom acts such as: Swarm of Arrows, Wizard Eye, and Meatplow, Kolossor combines their collective musical experience to forge their own path within the genre of heavy music.

Kolossor finds its inspiration from many sources of music, classic horror movies, Japanese kaiju monsters, cold beer, and old school video game boss battles. Kolossor then combines these influences to create their own brand of heavy sludge filled riffage, aggro vocals, and pummeling rhythms. Kolossor is here to use its un-earthly strength to destroy all that man has created.

Kolossor – Crown Of Horns album trailer

Kolossor – Bugbear’s Last Stand

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