On June 8 2018 Sludgelord Records will digitally release The All Penetrating Silence by Norwegian post-metal/sludge band KITE. A vinyl release is also planned for the near future.

The band was originally formed in 1998, and went through different lineups until today’s three‐piece got together in 2007.  KITE released numerous DIY demos and EP’s in the early years, while building up a following with frequent touring all over Scandinavia, but first and foremost Britain, where they pulled off 5 tours.   In 2007, starting over with a fresh and heavier sound, their second album – “The hook, the line, the sinker”‐ was released on their own label 60/40 records. Since then the band has been working on and off in between their other band projects, but 2018 sees KITE back at it full throttle, stronger and heavier than ever.    

Recorded summer 2017 at Amper Tone, Oslo, by Kim Lillestøl  
Mastered by Hugo Alvarstein  
Coverart by,
Photo by Stig Løvås  
Released by Sludgelord Records    

1. The all penetrating silence  
2. Entropic ruin  
3. Pissingwell 
4. Sin beyond sin  

KITE – Entropic Ruin

KITE – The all penetrating silence – teaser

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