Kiss Creatures of the Night

Kiss Creatures of the Night

Released 1982

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. “Creatures of the Night” Paul Stanley, Adam Mitchell Stanley 4:02
2. “Saint and Sinner” Gene Simmons, Mikel Japp Simmons 4:50
3. “Keep Me Comin'” Stanley, Mitchell Stanley 3:55
4. “Rock and Roll Hell” Simmons, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance Simmons 4:11
5. “Danger” Stanley, Mitchell Stanley 3:54
6. “I Love It Loud” Simmons, Vinnie Vincent Simmons 4:15
7. “I Still Love You” Stanley, Vincent Stanley 6:06
8. “Killer” Simmons, Vincent Simmons 3:19
9. “War Machine” Simmons, Adams, Vallance Simmons 4:14


With a faltering fan base following the band’s succession of poorly received albums namely’ Dynasty’, ‘Unmasked’ and ‘Music From ‘The Elder” Kiss needed to produce an album to put them back at the top. They needed an album to return to their rock routes, they needed an album to finally say “This is Kiss and this is what we do”. 1982’s `Creatures of the Night’ did all that, in style.

‘Creatures of the Night’ was an album of great changes. Out was Peter Criss on drums, replaced by Eric Carr, out also was guitarist Ace Frehley, who had grown increasingly despondent with the band’s previous releases and lack of direction. Frehley, although credited, didn’t actually play on the album. he  was replaced by Vinnie Vincent, Robben Ford, Steve Farris and Adam Mitchel, all of whom were uncredited.

Side one rocks off with the sliding guitar and pounding drum roll introduction of the title track a very heavy number written by Paul Stanley and Adam Mitchell. This is followed by ‘Saint and Sinner’ a song written by Gene Simmons and the late Mikel Japp. ‘ Keep ’em Coming’ rocks us next and then we have the final track of side one, the Simmons, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance number ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Hell’

Side Two starts with the alarming ‘Danger’ before the now classic ‘I Love it Loud’, Simmons and Vincent joining forces to write this one. The heavy ballad ‘I Still Love You’ is next, a track that divides a lot of Kiss fans, although I feel it is one of the band’s best tracks ever. ‘Killer’ is next and this rocks into ‘War Machine’ the opening riff has to be one of the heaviest yet. Such a great track to close with.

This was Kiss’ last album with Casablanca and the last to feature the ‘make-up’ (for a few releases at least) It had one of the loudest sounding drum recordings on a rock album and was a true return to the top for the band. A great album, well worth seeking out.

Peter Devine 2016