KING IBEX have been described by Tom Robinson as a “Tight Welsh Melodic Power Trio” and have been compared to Manic Street Preachers, Soundgarden & Cheap Trick.
Check out their debut show coming up in Le Public Space in Newport on 24/08/19

They are a Welsh three piece with a visceral take on the rock genre.  Disillusioned with current artistic outputs; KING IBEX produces their eponymous debut record. Focusing a statement through Live production, the album sets a raw and emotive sound-stage with tracks such as ‘A Fool’s End’, ‘Ballot’ and ‘Concussion’.

KING IBEX takes the listener on a journey from the melodic serene to punching cacophony. Driven by music and performances of a bygone era; where song-writing and lyrical content was the focus, more than just the polished sound of today’s releases. Following the release of their debut album on 31/05/2019, KING IBEX will showcase their sonic landscape through impactful live appearances.

KING IBEX will expand their catalogue with continued releases through 2019.

Michael Buffery: Vocals & Guitars
Tom Jayne: Vocals & Bass
Alistair Morgan: Drums & Percussion

KING IBEX – Ballot

KING IBEX – A Fools End

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Band/Artist location – Monmouth South Wales
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