Kill For Eden

Kill For Eden

Kill For Eden

Based in London, but with a distinctly international flavour (two Brits, an Australian and a drummer from Siberia), Kill For Eden have been making high-octane heavy rock together since 2011. Kill for Eden is singer Lyla D’Souza – a seasoned professional hailing from Australia – Dave Garfield Brown – veteran guitarist who has toured alongside acts from Joe cocker to Rammstein – alongside bassist Mike McGuiness and drummer Wally Miroshnikov.

To date the group have released two EP’s (2011’s Kerosene and 2013’s Living on Mars) as well as a selftitled album (also 2013). This album saw their music hit the airwaves on XFM, Kerrang! Radio, Bloodstock Radio and on numerous independent stations across Europe. They have appeared on stages including the legendary Hard Rock Cafe, Cockermouth Rock Festival, Camden Rocks and more. The band have not slowed down – despite various members starting families in the intervening time. They continued to gig throughout, and in 2016 entered the studio to begin work on their second full-length album. The result is the forthcoming Petty Crimes.
So what’s in a name? The band explain their name as… “Kill for Eden represents the irony that throughout history, in the name of religion, people have killed in order to preserve their ideology of Eden (purity of their beliefs) and happily kill those who don’t conform… In a way we still do this in first world countries leeching off the planet’s resources so we can live the lives of luxury at the expense off the planet and the poor who work hard for little return.”

Kill For Eden – Love You So

Kill For Eden – Over and Over

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