Kelly White

Kelly White

With a musical journey that started when she was just a young girl, the album release has been a long time coming for Kelly White. At the age of 10 she was writing lyrics and singing, even before she ever picked up a guitar. At 12, she began playing an acoustic and was quickly performing songs for friends. As fun as it was for her, things didn’t really change until her college years when she found a true love for live performance. This drove her to overcome her shyness and gave her  the want to pursue music as a solo artist. Though she was used to performing with a band, putting herself out there alone with an acoustic guitar is when she found herself musically and stayed the course ever since. 

Influenced by musicians such as Julien Baker, Mitski and Sufjan Stevens. Kelly White’s new album is out now

Kelly White – Window

Kelly White – Free

Kelly White – The City

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Artist location – Tampa, Florida

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