KASSANDRA – album “Kassandra” (29 June 2022 self-release).

  1. Pare Kardia
  2. To Tsirko Tis Zois
  3. Stahtes
  4. To Fili Tis Kassandras
  5. Ena Asteri Poy Den Elampse Pote
  6. Mavros Aggelos
  7. Ayta Ta Hronia
  8. To Taxidi

This is a quite interesting and unique review. ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ (Cassandra) is a Greek music project that recently released its self-titled debut work. Now, the thing with ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ is that they sing in their native language, which means that all their lyrics are in Greek. While it is impossible to understand anything from their lyrics if you are not speaking Greek, ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ manage to break the language barriers and produce an album that is undoubtedly great and entertaining.

To sing in English is the safest path when you are making music, so when a band decides to sing in its native language needs a great deal of courage and faith in their selves. Fortunately, the faith that ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ had in their selves and in their artistic skills is justified. These Greeks are fiercely creative and musically gifted, managing to interpret every word and every lyric with their performance. Such an example of a performance, that is able to transform the lyrics from Greek to a language that we can all understand, is the song “Το Ταξίδι”, which is the closing track of the album. A hauntingly melodic song, powerful and emotional, with a stunning vocal performance that elevates the whole composition.

The “Κασσάνδρα”, musically, moves in the fields of rock. Diverse enough to make an impression but with a straightforward sound, the debut of ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ combines the more mainstream with the underground rock, resulting in an album that has songs like the “Πάρε Καρδιά” and  “ Ένα αστέρι που δεν έλαμψε”,  which are uplifting and upbeat, with some faint punk influences and in songs like the “Μαύρος Άγγελος” and the aforementioned “Το Ταξίδι”, which are significantly darker, groovier and emotionally charged.

For the Greek speaking audience, the “Κασσάνδρα” will be an absolute listening delight. Assuming that the lyrics are as good as the music, the debut work of ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ will shake the local scene. Now for those that will not be able to understand a single world, will be even more interesting, since they will be forced to pay close attention to the great musical work of ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ, in order to better understand and grasp the songs. Still, the point is the same. The first work of ΚΑΣΣΑΝΔΡΑ is a great hard rock release that must not be missed by anyone, whether they are able to understand the lyrics or not.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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