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Just One Fix

Just One Fix are an Auckland based four piece metal band, who were formed in late 1999.

Since then they have been fortunate enough to play with international titans Megadeth, Hellyeah, Korn, Chimaira, Biohazard, along with local heavyweights.

With the line up of Riccardo Ball (vocals), Sharne Scarborough (guitars), Gaylene “G Force” Ward (drums), and Ant “Stuntcock” Ward (bass), Just One Fix released their first album, “The Price of Sellvation” in 2007, produced by Paul Matthews (Blindspott, Tadpole).

After Stuntcock’s super sperm knocked up an unsuspecting G Force, Martin Kemble (who played for the Fix during their album release tour) and Lee Steele were recruited for drum and bass guitar duties as Ant and G focused on their family life.

This new line up have been the first NZ metal band to play Vector Arena, have performed at 2008s Mammoth Metal Fest, 2009s Big Day Out, numerous HMHR Metal Fests and in late 2009 went into the studio to record their second album, Blood Horizon.

The different influences of the individual members of Just One Fix have led to the band developing a tighter, harder and more aggressive sound on the album. This was honed by the production skills and advice of Zorran Mendonsa (Saving Grace, In Dread Response, Subtract, and Cobra Kahn) with the final coat of metal applied by studio mastering genius Evan Short (Shapeshifter).

Blood Horizon was released in March 2010 with rave reviews and excessive demand across the country, with the first video and single from the album, ‘When the Knife Comes Down’ being nominated Best Metal Video for the Juice Awards ’10 – a first ever metal category in NZ Music history.

After rigorous touring nationwide, Stuntcock returned to the fold on bass after Lee Steele relocated overseas. Just One Fix are now completing work on their third album, ‘Let Them Hate… As Long as They Fear’, with the first single ‘Proxy God’ now available for download.

Just One Fix – Proxy God

Just One Fix – Phantom Lord

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