Julian’s Lullaby – Prisoner of Emotions

Julian’s Lullaby – Prisoner of Emotions

JULIAN’S LULLABY – “Prisoner of Emotions” (8 December 2017,  Musica productions)

  1. Angels East
  2. Curse Of Gods
  3. Death of Angel
  4. Domino
  5. Eyes Of Grey
  6. Hanging Crown
  7. Hell’s Door
  8. Prisoner Of Emotions
  9. Starbringer
  10. Single Thought


Julian’s Lullaby from Greece is a band with a very interesting style. Borrowing elemnts from heavy metal and symphonic rock and using well balanced male and female vocals, Julian’s Lullaby present an own interpretation of the symphonic/avant-garde metal as it was played in the 90’s. Of course, they add their personality in this and bring it to the present in the most excellent way.

To give you some biography info of Julian’s Lullaby, the band was formed in 2006. They released their debut full length “Dreaming of Your Fears” in 2011 and “Prisoner of Emotions” is their second full length album.

Julian’s Lullaby songwriting is actually based on the variation of the double vocals which seem to be in a constant play. The male death metal growls add the necessary heaviness and aggression to the songs while being in a perfect contrast with the sweet but haunting female vocals. This play gives the avant garde character their songs have.

Julian’s Lullaby make clever use of the keyboards, the piano and the violin to enhance their songs dramatic or dreamy atmosphere allowing emotions to flow free. The band is excellent is creating emotions to the listener through their songs.

The rhythm section is doing a great job in the album. With its strong presence and steadiness allows the rest of the band to perform some very nice melodies that can be clearly heard. The riffs are heavy metal oriented with clever hard rock references. The distortion is discreet and the songs’ melodies are audible.

Of course in all the above, the album’s production has a significant role. The production was done with respect to the band’s sound and concept. It is clear and decent. All instruments and vocals are nicely put in without covering one the other.

Standout songs from the album would be:”Angel’s East” which has a great orchestration/arrangement, then “Eyes of Gray” which appears to be their folk metal song, then the dark “Hell’s Door” and finally the same-titled Theater of Tragedy influenced “Prisoner of Emotions”.

To sum up, “Prisoner of Emotions” is a very nice release that fans of symphonic metal and folk metal will find interesting. Fans of traditional heavy metal can also relate with it. The album is a journey in mysterious worlds. Enjoy it and try listen to their previous work, too.

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