Jon Magnusson

Jon Magnusson

Jon Magnusson is a Swedish songwriter/musician/producer/audio engineer from Stockholm, Sweden. With a great width in music taste he also likes to blend a lot of influences into his creative process. That said, if put in a category, the music he plays is independent folk rock, with inspiration from such different styles like punk, jazz and old school soul.

Jon Magnussons main instrument is the guitar, both acoustic and electric. But he also takes advantage of the modern age, programming drums, strings, keyboards and does all of his arrangement himself.

He has been writing and producing his own songs for more then twelve years, but since late 2016 he has really put an effort in getting better at both singing and playing the guitar and also the recording and mixing part of his music. The first result of this process is his single “Your dreams” a catchy indie rock tune with strong folk influences. It’s going to be followed by three more songs in the beginning of 2017, summing up to an four-track EP ranging from a jazzy guitar version of a traditional Swedish folk song to the emotional “Ode to a friend” in a new version.

Since he was a little rascal, Jon Magnusson has been a music fanatic. At that time playing the keyboard through the famous Swedish “kommunala musikskolan” (The municipal music education).

Some years later, at the age of 14, he picked up the acoustic guitar and soon enough he bought his first electric guitar and amplifier. He wrote his first song at the age of 16, Sagan om den fattiga pojken och den rika flickan (The tale of the poor boy and the rich girl) a song that soon got a sequel. Both can be found at his debut EP “The street where I was born”, recorded and mixed by his good friend Robert in a studio in their hometown Fagersta.

Having recorded songs at home in his bedroom for some years he decided to buy some new equipment in 2012, resulting in the indie rock tune “I’m not the only one” and the folk song “Den vackraste stunden”. Both of which are in the pipeline to be re-recorded and mixed with his new skill level.

Then came a period of silence until in 2015 he released the energetic single “Psalm för syndare” and his EP “Dina drömmar”. The title song is the original Swedish version of “Your dreams”. The EP also includes a Swedish translation of Leonard Cohen’s “The Partisan”.

But it wasn’t until late 2016 when, after more then ten years of recording, he decided to get serious about his music. And thanks to the possibilities of the internet he soon started to evolve rapidly singing, playing the guitar and producing his music. And since the sky is the limit, who knows where he will be 10 years from now.


Music, among other forms of art, isn’t created in a vacuum. Since young age Jon Magnusson has been listening to a lot of great music ranging from indie, rock, jazz, punk, hip hop, heavy metal, folk and everything there is in between. Some of his favorite inspiration is Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, The Clash, The Smiths, Silvio Rodriguez, Vampire Weekend, The National, The Libertines, Johnny Cash, Dead Prez, Simon and Garfunkle, Buzzcocks, The Jam, Queen, Bon Iver and of course a lot of Swedish acts like Håkan Hellström, Broder Daniel, The Hives, Jens Lekman, Mattias Alkberg, Ebba Grön, Thåström, Looptroop, The Though Alliance, Eldkvarn, Robyn and Jan Johansson. The list can be made a lot longer.

Another big inspiration for Jon Magnusson is language and literature. Speaking and reading Swedish, English as well as Spanish he founds a lot of ideas in the world of books. He never cease to be amazed on the merging of music and lyrics and how the melody of a song affects the way a great composer write his or her lyrics.

As a professional social worker he also appreciate how personal relations can affect humans in a positive direction and he brings this aspect to his music, both as an inspiration but also in his way to interact with other artist and collaborators.

Even though he with age became a little more detached from politics, he still has his heart on the left side, always standing up for the idea that an equal society is something to strive for. And his believe in social justice will now and then shine through in his music and lyrics.

In conclusion, Jon Magnusson is a true fan of great music and in the end the song he writes is his thoughts and feelings made to lyrics and chords.

Jon Magnusson – Always a Rebel

Jon Magnusson – Rely On Me

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