Jon Magnusson – Always A Rebel EP

Jon Magnusson – Always A Rebel EP

  1. Rely on Me
  2. I’m Not the Only One
  3. Set Me on Fire
  4. Always a Rebel
  5. Always a Rebel alternative mix

Jon Magnusson is an indie folk songwriter/artist/producer and also independent music promoter from Stockholm, the picturesque capital of Sweden. The music he writes and plays is often plain folk with a touch of rock and punk influences and an occasional jazzy beat thrown in to keep listeners on their toes.

So I was very pleased to be asked by Jon to share my thoughts on his new release “Always the Rebel” EP.

The EP opens with the excellent “Rely on Me” with it’s ‘Kon-Tikiesque’ opening, if your feet aren’t tapping then you haven’t got a pulse. The track develops into a wonderful folk/pop song with a beautiful flowing chorus and it makes a great opener. “I’m Not the Only One” follows and this track is special, it begins with a very sweet keyboard sound that could almost be a ringtone. The uplifting beat is very easy on the ears and the lyrics are confessional, autobiographical?…..maybe. On the whole the song is a joy to listen to. I love it.

“Set Me on Fire” has a more harder rhythm to it and is a great demonstration on how to build a track to an epic chorus, “Set Me on Fire” is reminiscent of an old drinking song where everyone joys in swinging their ale in musical ecstasy Title track “Always a Rebel” is awesome, lyrically it is a statement, it is a friendly warning to be careful, you know what you are, don’t change, just be aware. The track is beautiful and really shows off Jon’s writing skills. The remix version of “Always a Rebel” is interesting, there’s not a huge difference to the original, but that subtlety leaves me in debate as to which version I prefer. I think it’s best you decide for yourself.

“Always the Rebel” is out now and available on Itunes, Google Play and all other major platforms. I strongly urge you to seek this one out

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