Through Soundwaves Volume 4
2 April 2021

Multi-instrumentalist and solo artist JoeyDiabolic has announced the release of his EP Through Soundwaves Vol. 4, hitting digital music platforms in April, 2021.

The offering is a tribute to the film A Nightmare On Elm Street and features a variety of covers and original songs.

Here’s what Diabolic had to say about the release:

“Through Soundwaves Vol. 4 resolves a two-part release… Inviting those who dare, to subject themselves to the horrors and the unique interpretation of the beloved A Nightmare On Elm Street horror franchise.

‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ (Charles Bernstein), ‘Night Crawler’ (Judas Priest), ‘Nightmare’ (Tuesday Knight), and ‘Flesh For Fantasy’ (Billy Idol) are curated covers that convey slices and splatters of established plot points.  In contrast, original compositions ‘Surreal Love’ and ‘As Darkness Embraces Light’ embellish the viscosities of Freddy Krueger’s lifeblood, generously doused in the sounds and vibes of the 80’s.

On Vol. 4, I definitely stuck the landing as a solo artist with my ‘unhinged, cinematic electro metal’ sound, as Andy Thorley of Maximum Volume Music put it. I reached out to collaborator and fellow Freddy fan D. Lolli of Mama Doom to contribute vocals on ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street,’ ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Flesh For Fantasy,’ which definitely elevates the sonic dimensions of this offerings.”

Preorder Through Soundwaves Vol. 4 here:

JoeyDiabolic – nightmare (feat. d. lolli)

JoeyDiabolic – episode 3 plowed

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