Jitensha – “Diwa” single Release
Label: Independent
Release Date: 26th August, 2021

Recommended for fans of:
Vampire Weekend, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Broken Social Scene

“Surrender is a state of living in the flow, trusting what is, and being open to serendipity and surprises.” Judith Orloff

We are a married indie garage-rock duo based in Montréal. During our 7 years as a band, we have encountered many twists and turns and the road has certainly been full of surprises.

We wrote our new single “Diwa” in the heart of 2020. Struggling with the loss of our career as performers, we turned the spotlight inward. Diwa is a song about connecting with universal consciousness by entering a state of flow.

David, ethnically Filipino, decided to use some of his new found downtime to dive into some research about the cultural history of the Philippines. Diwa is a Tagalog word that can be translated to English as consciousness, spirit, or essence. His research begged the question – how much of one’s essential essence is a part of where they genetically come from?

In the pre-chorus of the song we sing:
A rush, a chill, aware, let go
Diwa, body, mind, the flow

Although hard to define, the flow state is typically thought of as complete absorption in the task at hand and a loss of one’s sense of time. This stanza endeavors to depict the singularity in which your physical body and mind connect with the essence of your immortal consciousness, and as time falls away, you enter this blissful place.

We chose the release date of August 26th to honour the birthday, and day of death, of David’s late father, Victor Martinez, who taught us so much about what sweet parts of life make it truly worth living.

The persistent drums in the opening measures of “Diwa” speak to the mechanical rhythm of the racing mind, struggling through the awkwardness and trepidation of doing something new. As the mechanics become more second nature, we start to ground into our bodies. We feel the warmth of the sun, hear the sounds of nature around us. In time we can awaken beyond that which eyes can see, and ears can hear. Falling at last into a comfortable state of flow, we exist as a part of the strange magic permeating every movement of the world around us. We find our true selves. We find Diwa.

We are so grateful that summer 2021 has brought some live music back into our lives. We will be celebrating the release of “Diwa” (with our first live indie show in a year and a half!) September 2nd, 2021 at the Diving Bell Social Club with Let’s Be Giants and Sombra.

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We have more single releases coming up in 2021 and 2022 and are also in the midst of planning our 3rd full length LP. Please stay tuned!

David and Erin Rose (Rose for short) met at an open mic in the summer of 2012, at an open mic at Benny’s Bagels on Broadway in Vancouver. They immediately hit it off and started playing music together a few weeks later. They played in the 5 piece indie rock band The Cattails for about a year before deciding to go out on their own and formed Jitensha. One long dark and rainy winter later, armed with their first album Buck Moon, the pair took flight from Vancouver for their first adventure.

That summer they traveled the whole perimeter of the US, living in their Toyota Sienna and playing at every open mic they could find. They grew closer as music continued to bond them together. 

They eventually landed in Montréal, and began their life as “métro rats” performing often in the eclectic subways. That summer they threw their hat into the sunny streets, singing oldies covers in the old port of Montréal – but it wasn’t long before they were on the road again.

In autumn 2015 David and Rose called a big black school bus home while touring Eastern Canada as part of a post secondary motivational presentation with Hamilton, ON based non-profit Live Different. They survived gale force winds in Newfoundland, the bus falling into a ditch in Cape Breton, and a devastating house fire in P.E.I. It was an eventful, breathtaking trip that filled them with further musical inspiration.

Back in the cold métro the next spring, Jitensha was discovered by a cruise ship booking agent. 2 months later, the pair made their way to Brisbane, Australia to begin their new life as a lounge duo aboard P&O Australia’s Pacific Dawn. They would end up doing 3 contracts with P&O, traveling much of the South Pacific and making countless friends and connections.

They couldn’t wait to get back to their chosen home in Montréal and in early 2018 finally got to work on their second album. They took a break that summer to tie the knot in Colorado before heading back north. 

2019 saw the duo pick up steam as they started to tour in Ontario and Québec. They released their second album Periscope that summer and celebrated with a 32 date cross Canada Tour. They’re currently back in Montréal full of inspiration and ready to create again. 


“I’m classically trained in piano and guitar but that feels like ages ago.  In university I was in my second year at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, in a double degree program taking on a BA in music and Bachelor of Education.  It was actually the summer before going into second year that I started thinking about dropping out and trying to pursue a career as a solo singer songwriter, but I wasn’t completely sure, so I said I’d give myself another year at Laurentian to figure it out.  But halfway through the year I had already been resolved, I wasn’t coming back next year.  Most of my work that I do now on the electric guitar is self taught, I can’t say I’ve had a formal teacher. 

A big turn in my development as a performer happened when Rose and I got hired to work on a cruise ship as the lounge duo.  We had to learn so many songs and playing everyday really kicked my butt!”



“My parents taught me some guitar very young. They played music professionally up until around the time I was born and there were various instruments all around the house. I would bang around on the piano. I got a mini, red, electric squire guitar and would pretend to be Tom Petty or Mark Knopfler.  Around age 9 I started to play the cello. I did that all through high-school, eventually being in the Colorado state youth orchestra. I have these early education opportunities to thank for teaching me harmony and rhythm. After that I taught myself various other instruments.

Musically, I’ve taken a lot of turns in my life but it’s always been inescapable. The only thing that has always stuck is singing and now I’m quite happy playing the drums too. 

Jitensha – Diwa (26th Aug)

Jitensha – Sojourn

Jitensha – Easy Way Out live

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