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Jett Blakk

Jett Blakk

Tommy Law is a 14 time All-State #1 medalist from CMSU – the only tenor to do so in the state of Missouri.  He was a vocal major at Central Missouri State University.  His classical training shows in his vocal style – very reminiscent of Bon Jovi .

After many years in the Midwest music scene, Tommy took several years off to get his personal life where it needed to be but has returned with a vengeance.

Billy Rounds is a former guitarist for Hybrid as well as current partner in Live Riot providing sound for events and venues. Billy joined Jett Blakk in late 2016.  He has a high energy guitar style that is the perfect mix with Tommy’s vocals.

“Smoke” Hooker is a high powered drummer who was part of the basis of Jett Blakk in the beginning.  You can feel his love for music and Jett Blakk in everything he plays.

Hailing from Topeka, Kansas, Frederick Jewsome is a true triple threat musician that has written and performed various works for Biographies, Television, and Radio. In addition to bringing vocals to the table, plays multiple instruments including Bass, Guitar, as well as piano and Synthesizers. He is the youngest of a family of 10, with 7 brothers and sisters. All in the family were musically talented at different instruments, and he learned a little from each one. He began to pick up the piano at 4 years old, and started piano lessons at 5. It was there that he found he had “a good ear for music” and almost “perfect pitch.” 

The son of a late jazz musician and trumpet player (James Jewsome), and brother to current jazz trumpeter Jeff Jewsome, his roots lie deep in jazz fusion and complex chords, as well as Progressive Rock and Hair Metal.

The culmination of his interests has blended his style into one that has been described as a mixture of Lenny Kravitz, King’s X, PM Dawn, and Living Colour, with a touch of Ozzy Osbourne.

“Barry Engle is from Omaha NE and he is no stranger to rock n roll. As a member of Cowboy X, they jump started the all original music scene in Omaha selling out Sokol Auditorium on their debut performance.

Barry continued writing music in the band Nightmare who had the opportunity to share the stage many times with national touring bands such as Dream Theater, Armored Saint, LA Guns, Dokken, Ice-T and Bodycount among many others.

Soon after Nightmare went their separate ways Barry auditioned for and got the gig with legendary Omaha band Snakey Billy & the Blond Iguanaz. They went on to record 3 albums and had played many shows with then local band 311.

When the opportunity to join Jett Blakk in April of 2017 came around, he jumped at the chance to be part of a band with such an amazing talent for writing and performing great music “

“Rock Revolution” was mixed, mastered, and produced by Grammy winning producer Mitch Malloy at Malloy Master Tracks Studio.

Background vocals by Bekka Bramlett on “Let Love Win.” Recorded and engineered by Bekka Bramlett at Blueberry – Hillbilly Sound.

A full album of massive choruses and melodies with staying power that appeals to generations.

“I wanted to do a Rock album that had the integrity of the 80’s with a  Millennium modernness that was bona fide with a Grammy award winning  engineer.” – Tommy Law

Jett Blakk – Rock Revolution

Jett Blakk – It’s Time

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  1. Jett Blakk kicks it hard!!! Great music and what a talent they all are. Terrific talent in this band and the album is kick ass!

  2. This band keeps on Rockin cause the lead singer works his rear end off ,,,now, he just needs to work smarter

    The band kills it ,

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