Jeff Michell – One

Jeff Michell – One

  1. Growing Old
  2. Runaway
  3. One Night Apart
  4. Believe Me
  5. In Your Eyes
  6. I’m Free
  7. Letter From Dad
  8. Crazy Angel
  9. Season
  10. Broken Wings
  11. Stop The War
  12. Brand New Day

Total Running Time: 50 min.


All songs composed and performed by Jeff Michell with Carlos Henriquez on Drums, featuring:

Felipe McCrea – Piano and Keyboard solo on “Runaway”
Jean Mansilla – Middle Guitar Solo on “Runaway” and EBow on “Stop The War”
Raul Silvestre – Trombone on “I´m Free”
Mauricio Catalán – Guitar Solos on “I´m Free”
Carmine Capasso – Guitar Solo and Ebow on “Crazy Angel”
Ricky de Camargo – Guitar Solo on “Broken Wings”
Victoria Leonela – Vocals on “Growing Old”, “Believe Me” and “Crazy Angel”

Exciting times are here, the debut solo album by Santiago’s prog master, Jeff Michell is upon us. As regular readers of my posts will already know, Jeff is the main driving force behind the excellent The Bridge, a band that are certainly raising a lot of heads in the Prog world.

“One” begins with the delightful “Growing Old”, a track that is very much an introduction to what is to come. “Growing Old” is about not being able to defy the inevitable, you may try, but in the end you have no real choice. The tempo increases on “Runaway” where Jeff reveals that you may kid yourself, but deep inside you know the truth, what truth does he mean though? I guess it is a different truth in all of us. The beautifully acoustic “One Night Apart” highlights the range of Jeff Michell’s writing. “One Night Apart” is a graceful love song, a ballad about a love never ending. “Believe Me” is another heartfelt ballad, this time the subject is about being a little more insecure and uncertain, almost a cry for support and the strength that comes from that support. 

“In Your Eyes” has a beautiful chorus and some effective heavier moments. It captures the feeling of love and the romance between two people, simply enchanting. I love the use of Raul Sivestre’s trombone on the excellent “I’m Free”. “I’m Free” is all about escaping, getting away from a bad situation, looking for the freedom of the next challenge or at least the hope that there will be one. “Letter From Dad” is a captivating acoustic tale of offering a loved one the comfort of a memory. Almost a lullaby, “Letter From Dad” is a gentle tug on the heart strings. The rockier “Crazy Angel” finds Jeff sounding slightly angry as he lays down his wrath to a past that is best forgotten.

The outstanding “Season” is one of the most heavenly pieces of music I have ever heard. It is just Jeff Michell on vocals and keys singing about loss and loneliness and it works so well. Such a touchingly attractive number. The amps are back for the thumping “Broken Wings” a track about abandonment and desertion. Praise must go to Ricky de Camargo who plays an outstanding guitar solo here. “Stop The War” is almost a prayer to the almighty for help and guidance. The swaying rhythms of the track are a joy to behold. “Stop The War” gave me goosebumps, I love the way that music can be so emotional. Thank you Jeff. “Brand New Day” closes the album and again it is a ballad that comes from the heart. A splendid and delicate acoustic song that is so perfect to end this wondrous piece of work on.

“One” comes across as a very personal project, an album of love, faith, emotion and loss. It is touching to be so close to the writer through the lyrics and melodies that he creates, Jeff Michell can be very proud of “One” as his ability to write from the heart is so evident here. 

Jeff Michell – Stop The War

Jeff Michell – I’m Free

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