Into Eternity

Into Eternity

Founded in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1997, Into Eternity is a cornerstone in the Canadian metal scene. Started by Tim Roth (guitars, vocals), Into Eternity quickly caught the attention of a small Dutch label that released their self-titled debut in 1999.

The next nine years for the band was a flurry of writing and recording, with the band recording a total of five full-lengths. “Dead or Dreaming” (2001) was picked up by Century Media Records, which catapulted the band into international acclaim and garnered them spots on tours with the likes of Dying Fetus and Katakylsm. Keeping with the momentum, “Buried In Oblivion” came along in 2004, followed by “The Scattering of Ashes” (2006) and “The Incurable Tragedy” (2008), the latter two featuring Stu Block (Iced Earth) on vocals.

With the exception of two singles, the band put recording on hold for a decade to tour internationally. With the departure of Stu Block, the addition of soprano vocalist Amanda Keirnan started a new era for the band. She joined the band as the touring vocalist in 2013, and after becoming a permanent member, her impressive wide-range vocals made their recorded debut on the band’s upcoming sixth full-length album “The Sirens”. The album will be released on October 26th via M-Theory Audio.

Into Eternity borrows from all aspects of heavy music to form the perfect blend of technicality, memorable songwriting, traditional heavy metal and the sheer savagery of metal’s extreme genres. With extensive touring history, including sharing the stage with household names like Judas Priest, Megadeth and Arch Enemy, Into Eternity takes the listener on an epic journey; combining the jarring aggression of old school thrash and death metal, the speedy instrumental precision of shred and prog metal, with triumphant choruses and the melodies of classic metal.

What the press is saying:

“It’s been a decade since Into Eternity has released a new album, and a lot changed in that decade. The band now has a different guitarist, a different drummer, and, perhaps most obvious, a new vocalist. Amanda Kierman is fucking great on the microphone too. Long-time fans are in for a pretty different experience from the band, and those that enjoy proggy, diverse, and soaring metal will want to get in on this.” – Metal Injection

“The Sirens is an album that deserves your attention as it borders so many different genres but holds it all together nicely. Fast and exciting but delectably evil sounding when going for a harder edge.” – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“The Canadians are known for their excellent mix of death, progressive and power metal and lots of tempo changes. On The Sirens this isn’t any different. Sure you have to get used to the new vocals, but Amanda shows that she can grunt, growl and sing clean for the best. New drummer Bryan sounds very tight and the songwriting of the band is still of old. There is probably not a band that can be so extreme and then can change into serene and melodic so naturally. ” Power of Metal 

“The Sirens is an enjoyable album and a promising return. The standout tracks are ‘Fringes of Psychosis’, ’Nowhere Near’, and ‘Fukushima’…any melodic death metal fan, this album will be sure to please, and for any fan of Into Eternity, this album is worth being excited for.” – Metal Utopia

“The Sirens” is a welcome addition to the Into Eternity discography ” – WDCE 90.1 FM (Richmond, VA)
“We are glad that Into Eternity is back!” – Lords of Metal

“Into Eternity has been a staple of Saskatchewan’s heavy metal scene for 21 years. The group has had several lineup changes over that time, but the music has always been thrilling, pushing the limits of the local scene with their highly technical style and international success.” – Regina Leader Post

“This is one special band that has worked hard for its success.” – Blabbermouth 

Album / Live Band Line Up:
Tim Roth – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Amanda Keirnan – Vocals
Troy Bleich – Bass/Backing Vocals
Bryan Newbury – Drums,
Justin Bender – Guitar
Matt Cuthberson – Guitar

1999 – Into Eternity (DVS)

2001 – Dead or Dreaming (Century Media)
2004 – Buried in Oblivion (Century Media)
2006 – The Scattering of Ashes (Century Media)
2008 – The Incurable Tragedy (Century Media)
2018 – The Sirens (Self-Release)

Into Eternity – The Fringes of Psychosis

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