The band formed in 2005, when some members of the band Ubyk split off to start making their own type of noise. Jason Kothmann (singer and guitar player) enlisted Gio DalMonte (who now fronts Adam West the Bat ) on bass, Kiko Montecillo (who is now back in Manila playing in 17 different projects) on guitar, and they eventually found Jeff Murray (who now tours the world with psyche thrashers THE SHRINE) to play drums. Gio was replaced by Earl Houston on bass, and INTERSTELAR recorded their first EP called “React in Silence.”

The band continued to play live in and around Los Angeles, making inroads where they could. The line up changed over the years. Kiko was replaced by Gary Gladson on guitar, and Jeff was replaced by Mikey Mayhem on drums. With this line up: Kothmann, Gladson, Houston, and Mayhem, INTERSTELAR recorded their second EP: “On Black Waves” (available on BandCamp and iTunes.) Recorded at Total Annihilation Studios in East LA with engineer Eddie Rivas.

On Black Waves earned them some praise from The SLUDGELORD, who called it one of his favorite EP’s of the year. PLANET FUZZ called it “HOT STUFF!!” and HEAVY PLANET wrote ” Interstelar can put their own spin on a genre that despises counterfeit apes. These guys know their instruments, they know how to play them, and they know how to weave sonic webs with even-tempered drums, rolling bass, stuttering guitars, and hypnotic, tongue-twisting vocals.” HEAVY PLANET also included the track “Defined By Opposites (Opposite Daze)” on their compilation Bong Hits From the Astral Basement, Vol. 1.

After playing all over Los Angeles in support of On Black Waves, the line up again changed again, first with P.J. McMullan taking over the drums for Mikey Mayhem (who now plays with Zip Tie) and later with Joe Puccio taking over on bass from Earl Houston (who went on to play with seminal L.A. punk band The Rubber City Rebels.)

So with this line-up: Jason Kothmann on vocals and rhythm guitar, Gary Gladson on lead guitar, P.J. McMullan on drums, and Joe “Pooch” Puccio (who also plays with Moth) on bass, INTERSTELAR decided that it was time to get back into the studio again. After a few years of recording, re-recording, mixing, and drama, the RESIN LP was finally released in August of 2016.

INTERSTELAR’s first LP is already making waves, with the Erosion Factory giving it “4.5 out of 5 stars,” and AudioEclectica wrote “Interstelar know how to make this genre their own and expand upon it. “highly” recommend.”

Interstelar – Silo

Interstelar – Behold

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