Formed in the coastal city of Swansea but now based in Bristol, Inscape convey a sound consisting of jagged guitars, atmospheric textures and pounding riffs all glued together by an array of electronics. The 5-piece blends a plethora of genres including aspects of electronica, math-rock, indie and progressive metal into their very own sonic jigsaw.

After a range of line-up changes over the past two years, the band self-released their debut single “Amber” in October 2018.

“Having so many instruments on stage made the band sound absolutely huge, the guitar parts were perfectly distributed between every guitar player, the bass and drums were perfectly locked and the keyboards and production elements helped create an amazing soundscape, where every frequency was filled but no sound seemed out of place, it was awesome.” – Louis & Aude. (

Ethan Shields – Vocals, Guitar and synth
Luke Morgan – Vocals and Guitar
Joel Williams – Guitar
Alex Murley (Mutley) – Bass
Dylan Voss – Drums

Inscape – Amber

Inscape – Claustrum

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Band location – Swansea Wales

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