IMMORTALIZER – Singles Review

IMMORTALIZER – Singles Review

IMMORTALIZER – singles (from upcoming album)

  1. Gone to Hell
  2. I’m Gone
  3. Lemmy
  4. Cut Loose

As we wait for the Immortalizer’s full-length album to be completed and released, let’s talk about the 4 songs that he has already unleashed. I confidently assume that the tracks are representative of the album in the works, since they will be included in Immortalizer’s debut.

Dave, the founder of the one-man project Immortalizer, is a die-hard and dedicated fan of the classic metal era. He loves going vintage and blending the traditional old-school heavy metal sound with his own artistic vision. He revitalizes the classic metal era to fit the standards of the modern scene, by fusing the best of the traditional heavy metal and the best of the current scene into an explosive and powerful combination.

In the “Gone to Hell” song, Dave mixes rock ‘n’ roll with heavy metal. Sharp riffs and a shredding yet melodic solo form an absolute metal delight. A similar musical pattern follows the song “I’m Gone” as well, but with a slightly darker tone, leaving some of the rock ‘n’ roll excitement back and going into more metal focused territories.

The track “Lemmy” it is a great tribute to the legendary singer. While it is clearly inspired by the Motorhead and it has that raw, fast-paced metalized rock ‘n’ roll style, Dave has managed to tame his influences and to create a fantastic tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time. At the same time, he keeps his own style intact and implements it into the track’s sound, making it a great Immortalizer song.

Still, my personal favorite is the song “Cut Loose”. Powerful riffs and melodic lead guitar lines that remind of Dio, make one killer track that has been playing on repeat for some time now.

Review by Mr Athens 79

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